Friday, January 9, 2009

More GOP 'downer' thoughts

Since we appear to be on a 'downer' as concerns Republican prospects for the future today, you can get even more depressed by checking out an article, 'Demography and Destiny' courtesy of Ronald Brownstein and the National Journal that asserts continuing growth of Democrats demographics and a bleak future for the GOP if it fails to reach out to Hispanics in particular. After taking a good dose of antacid, check it out at:

With that said, we would assert that the problem is not what the GOP stands for but rather how it articulates its message not only to Hispanics but to others. When the GOP loses its message-it's conservative message which is still relevant-that is the problem. The GOP has much more in common with Hispanics but will be branded as anti-Hispanic as long as it allows others (Democrats and the media, actually one in the same) to use secure boarders and national security issues to define it as anti-Hispanic.

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Superdestroyer said...

Hispanics are not conservative. The Congressional Hispanic caucus is the second most liberal group in Congress behind the Congressional Black Caucus. Hispanic politicians want more government, higher taxes, and a more invasive government. '

Just because Hispanics go to church more than whites does not make them conservative.