Friday, May 30, 2008

More Rumors-trial balloons (or kites)

Today we hear that their may be another contender in the Omaha mayoral race come next spring. None other that Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing. That might explain why he seems to be on t.v. for so many different events.

By the way, were charges ever filed on the Haney/Ewing-gate check kiting scam that went undetected for about two years under Julie Haney and for about 9 months under Ewing? How you get away with $60,000 plus kite operation for that period of time under either treasurer seems incomprehensible. Why charges haven't been filed seems just as incomprehensible.
Just as Barack Hussein Obama should be careful of his friends, associates and preachers, former Saturday Night Live Comic and likely Minnesota Democrat Party Nominee for the U.S. Senate, Al Franken should probably have learned to be a little more careful about his writings as is evidence from this quote from 'The Hill':

The public airing of the column coincided with Republican objections to Playboy CEO Christie Hefner throwing a fundraiser for Franken.

In the column, titled “Porn-O-Rama!” and clearly intended to be humorous, Franken describes visiting a fictional sex institute where he participates in sex acts with machines and humans.

Franken writes of sitting in a virtual sex machine and choosing his preferred setting, then describes and evaluates the act. Later, he investigates other parts of the fictional institute and participates in other sexual acts that he describes.

In the same article, Franken jokes about his 12-year-old son researching a report on bestiality and using the Internet “to download some effective visual aids.” He makes up fake statistics comparing Playboy readers with readers of Hustler magazine.

Maybe this could turn out to be one bright spot for the fall elections where Republicans seem doomed to lose seats in the Senate (not to mention the anticipated disaster in the House).

For the full article, check out:

On the Light Side--Thought for today


On the Light Side--Thought for today


Response to Father Pfleger's Comments

If you haven't seen Father Pfleger's video of his appearance at Obama's church, you can find it in our "Today's Videos" along with lots of other fun ones. On a more serious note we want to congratulate the Catholic League for its response to Father Pflegel's shameful appearance:

May 30, 2008
"Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Rev. Michael Pfleger’s remarks at Sen. Barack Obama’s church that led the Catholic priest to apologize and the Democratic hopeful to renounce them:

“Most commentators are already focusing on the inappropriateness of the race-baiting comments by Father Pfleger. More serious is the venue in which he delivered his diatribe and his long-standing ties to Sen. Obama.

“Father Pfleger’s tirade would be inexcusable anywhere, but it is even more offensive when it happens in a church. It does not matter that it was not his own, nor does it matter that it happened in a church that has a record of allowing demagogues to exploit it. When churches become forums for political rallies, both religion and the First Amendment are corrupted.

“Obama and Pfleger are no strangers. Indeed, when Obama was in the state senate in Illinois, he conveniently arranged for Father Pfleger’s St. Sabina’s Church to receive state monies for its social programs. Of course, the guardians of church and state separation said nothing then and they are saying nothing now. That’s because they’re all in the tank for Obama. Just as important, why is it that of all the wonderful Catholic priests in the Chicago Archdiocese, Obama long ago chose Pfleger to hang with? Truth be known, Pfleger has a very troubling history: he has welcomed the anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan to preach in his church; he has hired prostitutes to worship there; he has been arrested for defacing billboards; and he once urged the crowd at an anti-gun rally to hunt down a gun store owner ‘like a rat’ and ‘snuff’ him.

“Senator Obama says he wants to bring people together. Then why does he choose as his clerical friends people like Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Father Pfleger? They are two peas in a pod, both equally divisive, separated only by the color of their skin.”

Since We Mentioned Guns and Obama...

We've already pointed out articles on guns in national parks, hunting the poor gray wolf and discussed Obama's gaffes today, but here is an interesting bit from our friends at The Patriot Post relating to Barack Hussein Obama:

"Of course, in addition to serving on the Woods Fund board with Weather Underground terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Obama also served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, which since 2000, has given more than $15 Million to radical gun control organizations and is closely linked to the Soros Open Society Institute, which advocates a worldwide ban on civilian firearm ownership."

Do you think the American public will figure this guy out before November? We can only hope so.

More on Obama Gaffes and the Press

Readers might be interested in today's Wall Street Journal column by John Fund, 'The Obama Gaffe Machine' which points out many of the concerns we have expressed about the press' handling of his gaffes verses those of Hillary and McCain. Check it out at:


Could it be that Stephanie Johanns is bent out of shape because either Mike's staff or the Douglas County Election Commissioner screwed up in either filing or recording her application to be a delegate to the Douglas County Republican Convention? In order to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention, one needs to be elected at the local county convention to be a delegate to the state convention. Wonder who is getting a piece of Stephanie's mind?

Rumor has it that former Chuck Hagel aide and confident Lou Ann Linehan has gone to work at the State Department. Word has it that she may have accepted a post in the Green Zone of Baghdad?

Speaking of the Linehan dynasty, rumor has it that Lou Ann's daughter may have signed on to the Jim Esch campaign after being rejected by the Adrian Smith campaign. Why wouldn't Adrian want Lou Ann's daughter working for him?

Speaking of Jim Esch, we are still waiting to hear if there is any truth that he was barred from Creighton's campus after a Halloween issue surrounding his little sister.

Thought for World Herald cartoonist Koterba: how about a cartoon with Jim Esch driving Scott Kleeb across Nebraska.?

Speaking of Jim Esch again, is it true that he has a DUI on his record?

Maybe Koterba could add a Mothers Against Drunk Driving Person with a stop sign to that cartoon.......

Scott McClellen

From Rich Galen of 'Mullings' on Scott McClellen's new book:

"When he stood behind that podium, nobody believed a word he said. Now that he's saying bad things about the president, he's a Delphic oracle."

Hunters, the Gray Wolf and the New York Times

An animal (the Gray Wolf) is removed from the endangered species list. A state (Idaho) game and fish department decides to allow the animal to be hunted. The New York Times opines of the horror of doing so.

Perhaps the New York Times should look at all the species of animals that were once endangered or nearly extinct in states. They might just find out that hunters (through appropriate management and license fees) are one of the primary reasons those species are now thriving.

The Times editorial could have been written by PETA, or perhaps even by the Omaha World Herald's own Robert Nelson.

You can read it at:

Oliver North on the Press and its priorities.

Oliver North has a great column today that deals with a number of topics that we at the Objective Conservative feel strongly about. He discusses the press's lack of coverage of good things going on in Iraq.

North also discusses the visit of U.N. Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Diene to the United State to investigate racism , racial discrimination, xenophobia, etc. You may recall this character was in Omaha last week. Surely, our civic leaders will be gesturing their mea culpas when his report is released. Of Diene, North notes:

"It turns out that Diene -- widely discussed as the next U.N. high commissioner for human rights -- has "written extensively" about "Islamophobia" since the attacks of Sept. 11. In a report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, he described Islamophobia as today's "most serious form of religious defamation." Evidently, that's our fault, not the consequence of more than 1,000 suicide terror attacks around the world perpetrated by Muslim radicals."

North goes on to discuss the lack of press interest in Iraq's nuclear program. It's a good read at:

Rationing of Energy?

Charles Krauthammer has a must read on global warming and environmentalism today. Among his thoughts, he notes:

"Just Monday, a British parliamentary committee proposed that every citizen be required to carry a carbon card that must be presented, under penalty of law, when buying gasoline, taking an airplane or using electricity. The card contains your yearly carbon ration to be drawn down with every purchase, every trip, every swipe.

There's no greater social power than the power to ration. And, other than rationing food, there is no greater instrument of social control than rationing energy, the currency of just about everything one does and uses in an advanced society. "

We at the Objective Conservative couldn't be in more accord with Chuck.

Check out the full column at:

Guns in Parks

Many of you are probably aware of the attempt to change the ban against fire arms in national parks such that law abiding folks could legally carry firearms into parks. Since 48 states now have right to carry laws it seems inconsistent for the government to prohibit guns in national parks. There is an article in today's New York times (see link below), but we were kind of blown away by the following quote from the article:

"Critics also say that the new rule could cause someone carrying a pistol into a visitor center at a national park to violate the ban on weapons in federal buildings. Such situations, they say, might necessitate the installation of costly and intrusive metal detectors. Also, they said, no study has been done of the law’s potential environmental impact, as is required under federal law."

Let's see. We need an environmental impact study to determine a gun's impact on a national park? And we'll need to install metal detectors at visitor centers to make sure folks don't carry their guns into them? Gosh, given this logic why aren't we just doing complete auto and body searches now to make sure no one is carrying a gun into our national parks today?

Since we're talking about federal buildings (visitor centers) let's not forget the fact that we'll need to prohibit anyone not having a REAL I.D. compliant driver's license from entering those visitor centers as well. Who knows what nefarious crimes such a person could create in a visitors center?

When does the silliness end?

See the article, if you are so inclined, at:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oil Profit Windfalls

John Stoessel has a good column, 'Windfall-Profit Nonsense' which points out the folly of Hillary and Obama's solution to high gasoline taxes. It's a good easy read that makes perfect sense--which is probably the reason why Hillary and Obama and the Democrats will probably still get their way. Check it out at:

Celebrating Hillary

From today's New York Times:

"On May 29, 1953, Mount Everest was conquered as Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and sherpa Tenzing Norgay of Nepal became the first climbers to reach the summit."


Seems neither Hillary or Barack Hussein Obama can get their stories quite right....

New York and Gay Marriage

New York's sad replacement for the very sad Eliot Spizter has now issued a directive ordering New York State to recognize the same-sex marriages performed in Canada, California and Massachusetts.

From our friends at The Alliance for Marriage, we pass along the following to which we fully adhere:

“By executive fiat, New York has become the second state in two weeks to overturn both common sense and the Will of the People on the definition of marriage,” said Matt Daniels, president and founder of the Alliance for Marriage. “Today’s directive from Governor Patterson illustrates the need for the Marriage Protection Amendment drafted by AFM.”

“The anti-democratic fallout of the California Supreme Court decision striking down marriage is not unexpected, and will only continue to crash down upon other states nationwide,” said Daniels. “AFM has led the charge in Congress for federal protection of marriage as the only way to prevent the decisions of judges in California and elsewhere being forced on residents of other states.”

“Most Americans – and most New Yorkers – want our laws to send a positive message to kids about marriage, family and their future. Today is a sad day for the people of New York who have lost the right to choose the course that is best for them, their families and their children,” continued Daniels.

"Americans believe that gays and lesbians are free to live as they choose, but they don't believe they have a right to redefine marriage for our entire society," said Daniels. “But the common-sense definition of marriage – and the values of most Americans – cannot be protected apart from AFM’s Marriage Protection Amendment.”

Seems to us that this is a social issue that is going to get a good deal of debate in this fall's general elections. While it is pretty easy to guess where Barack Hussein Obama stands (and Hillary if miracles really do happen), it will be interesting to see if this forces John McCain to rethink his position against a national marriage amendment.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Obama Gaffe

From our friends at the Patriot Post:

Non Compos Mentis: “I had a uncle [sic] who was one of the... who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps.” —Barack Obama, whose uncle must have fought for Stalin’s Red Army, the actual liberators of Auschwitz “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes—and I see many of them in the audience here today—our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.” —Barack Obama **Fallen heroes in the audience? Really?

Again, we wonder what would the media be saying if McCain had said this? See the actual comments under Today's Videos section.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama'a 143 Days

From an Unknown Source:

"Just how much Senate experience does Barack Obama have in terms of actual work days?
Not much! From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That's how many days the Senate was actually in session and working.

After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World, and fill the shoes of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan.

143 days -- I keep leftovers in my refrigerator longer than that.

In contrast, John McCain's 26 years in Congress, 22 years of military service including 1,966 days in captivity as a POW in Hanoi now seem more impressive than ever.

At 71, John McCain may just be hitting his stride."


Governor Gay, that is Schwarzenegger


"California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he doesn't agree with gay marriage, but he has managed to find a silver lining.

"You know, I'm wishing everyone good luck with their marriages and I hope that California's economy is booming because everyone is going to come here and get married," he said at an Environmental Defense Fund event in Sacramento.

Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear told the Sacramento Bee that the governor meant his remark in a "lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek manner."

"Certainly whenever folks come to California and spend money, it's a good thing, but we have not done any kind of study to determine what kind of economic impact this will have," McLear said.
California's supreme court legalized gay marriage last week. It takes effect in less than 30 days.
Schwarzenegger has refused to support an effort sponsored to ban gay marriage in the state constitution. He said he personally defines marriage as between a man and a woman but that he does not "want to force that opinion on anyone."

Again, we reiterate our gratefulness that Governor Gay isn't able to run for president. He may be a strongman, but he has no backbone.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Billion here, a Billion there

Pretty soon it adds up to real money as good ol'd Everett Dirksen used to say. So today we get word from our friends at Taxpayers for Common Sense that, not surprisingly, the emergency Iraq supplemental spending authorization bill contains billions of dollars in pork for projects not related to Iraq and for the most part not even wanted by the Pentagon. Check it out at:

Oh well, just a few more billion.......

Update on Yesterday's 'Foreclosure'

An update on yesterday's Objective Conservative article, 'Foreclosure Strikes Close to Home. We are told by Mary Ann Akers, The Sleuth of the Washington Post, today that:

'More on Rep. Richardson's Financial Woes'
"UPDATE: California Congresswoman Richardson insists that her home in the capital of Sacramento, which she bought when she was a state assemblywoman, is not in foreclosure. Though the definition of foreclosure, it would seem, is open to interpretation.

"While the transitioning has impacted me personally, the residential property in Sacramento, California is not in foreclosure and has NOT been seized by the bank," Richardson said in a statement.

The Associated Press, which reviewed her property records, reports Richardson received a default notice from her lender, Washington Mutual Inc. And documents posted on the web site of Capitol Weekly newspaper, which originally reported the story of Richardson's foreclosure, show that she owed $18, 356.

Richardson said in her statement, "I have worked with my lender to complete a loan modification and have renegotiated the terms of the agreement -- with no special provisions."

Do you suppose that the fact that Congresswoman Richardson is Congresswoman Richardson may have had an impact on the renegotiation?

Larry Craig Boble foot dolls

From Mary Ann Akers, Washington Post Columnist,
we learn the following today:

"Sen. Larry Craig's (R-Idaho) wide stance was already part of our pop-culture lexicon. But this weekend, it'll get as American as apple pie and baseball.

The "Saints" baseball team in St. Paul, home of the wide stance, where Craig was busted in an airport men's room sex sting, is giving away free Larry Craig "bobble foot" dolls at this Sunday's game. The first 2,500 fans in the park will get a "one-of-a-kind collector's item" -- a miniature bathroom stall with a spring-loaded bobble foot peaking out and tapping from underneath the stall."

Isn't it nice that Republican scandals and slime balls just keep on giving? As you may recall, Senator Craig was the Objective Conservative Hall of Shame nominee for the Month of April.

Obama and International Naivete

Charles Krauthammer has an interesting column today, 'Obama's Growing Gaffe', which points out the fallacy of Obama's postulate that he can deal directly with such as Iran's leader, Ahmadinejad. It's a good read and will make you think twice about the thinking and perhaps the educational background of Obama on international issues and history.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Porker of the Month

When Ben Nelson, Chuck Hagel and your Nebraska Congressional Delegation tell you how some earmarks are good, you might ask if you ever get your fare share. You might also consider Citizens Against Government Waste's Porker of the Month, Charles Schumer. In addition to following up on the quote below you might also want to check out our latest "Porker" video (see videos) which puts Schumer's shenanigans in a more humorous light:

From Citizens Against Government Waste:

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has named Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) Porker of the Month for attempting to use the tax code to earmark a $2 billion subsidy for a commuter rail line between Manhattan and JFK Airport. Sen. Schumer has sought to take advantage of the New York Liberty Zone (NYLZ) tax credits, which were intended to stimulate the redevelopment of downtown Manhattan after 9/11, to finance a rail project that has been under consideration since well before 2001. This use of the tax code to provide a grant to a locality to fund a specific infrastructure project would be unprecedented and could potentially invite a flood of similar maneuvers from members of Congress who want to earmark funds for infrastructure boondoggles. For manipulating the tax code to push for a $2 billion earmark unrelated to the original purpose of the NYLZ tax credits, CAGW names Sen. Schumer the May 2008 Porker of the Month. Read more about the Porker of the Month.

Vito has bucks to spend

Seems our Hall of Shame nominee for June, Congressman Vito Fossella who has announced that he will not seek another term, has about a quarter of a million dollars in his campaign account. The Republican National Committee apparently would like and really needs some of those dollars, but it seems Vito may need some for legal fees as he undergoes a Congressional Ethics hearing. We'd bet Vito will take care of himself first. See more at:

The more we read about Vito, the more reinforced we are of our decision naming Vito to the Objective Conservative Hall of Shame for June.

Foreclosure Strikes Close to Home

You may find this one interesting, California Congresswoman, Laura Richardson, Democrat has had her $535,000 home foreclosed on. She obviously wanted to be a Congresswoman more than to keep her home because while she was running for her new seat in the U.S. Congress and while her house payments were slipping into arrears and foreclosure, she lent her campaign $60,000. At least she had the good sense to recuse herself of voting on any of the housing bailout bills. For more, see:

The Polar Bear

George Will, who can sometimes be a little difficult for the obtuse such as us to understand has a great column today, 'March of the Polar Bears.' If you've been following the discussion here at the Objective Conservative for the past several months you are aware of the fact that the polar bear and global warming have been favorite topics. Among things George has to say:

"Now that polar bears are wards of the government, and now that it is a legal doctrine that humans are responsible for global warming, the Endangered Species Act has acquired unlimited application. Anything that can be said to increase global warming can -- must -- be said to threaten bears already designated as threatened.

Want to build a power plant in Arizona? A building in Florida? Do you want to drive an SUV? Or leave your cell phone charger plugged in overnight? Some judge might construe federal policy as proscribing these activities.........."

George has some great insights on this issue and his column is worth reading:

To reiterate our thought on the topic, we believe that this "threatened" classification will come back to haunt virtually every future American endeavor, that it will continue to spawn what has and will increasingly become a cottage industry of scientists earning their living by grants to 'prove' global warming and by the media's simple minded popular acceptance and proposition that not only does global warming exist but that man is the primary reason for its existence. Given this, the ramifications to our lives based on this hypothesis will be far greater than one can imagine.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chip Maxwell Responds

For those of you who have not yet seen today's Omaha Rag (excuse us, the Omaha World-Herald) here's a Public Pulse Response our County Board Member Chip Maxwell made to a Midlands Voices article printed earlier:

"In a recent Midlands Voices column, an official from the Douglas County Democratic Party cited my race for re-election to the Douglas County Board as one in which “Democrats outdrew Republican rivals in head-to-head match ups” in the May 13 primary election.

That’s misleading. The Democratic challenger and I did not appear head-to-head on the same ballot. Republicans saw only me on the Republican ballot. Democrats saw only the Democratic challenger on the Democratic ballot.

Results were similar in the 2004 primary. The two Democratic candidates together received more votes on the Democratic ballot than did I and the other Republican candidate on the Republican ballot. In the general election, when candidates were on the same ballot and it truly was a head-to-head matchup, I won.

I hope this doesn’t sound like sour grapes. I congratulate Democrats for executing a successful double-whammy: a rousing caucus in February that spurred party registration and yielded a viable congressional candidate, and a successful primary election in May. Clearly I’ll have to work hard to win re-election.

But let’s make sure readers understand that in many primary races, candidates compete in separate universes. The true head-to-head competition is in November."

Chip Maxwell
Douglas County Commissioner
District 5

We at the Objective Conservative might add that regardless of what Geitner Simmons, the Editorial Page Editor of the OWH says, we find that articles of a liberal persuasion similar to the one printed on behalf of the local Democratic Party seem to get printed much more willingly than those submitted by Republican counterparts. Of course, we may be paranoid, but you decide.

Bad Farm Bill Gets BADDER

The Washington Post reports today on just another reason why the President should veto the Farm Bill, given the discovery of a provision that could cost taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars more than projected. Hopefully, congressmen other than Lee Terry will step up to the plate and sustain the President's anticipated veto of this bloated taxpayer ripoff.

See the article at:

More on Vito -- Tax payer funded romance?

From the Washington Post and the Sleuth, Mary Ann Akers, we learn the following:

"UPDATE: A Washington ethics watchdog group wants the House ethics committee to investigate whether Rep. Vito Fossella (R-N.Y.) violated House rules by romancing his mistress on taxpayer-funded congressional delegation trips abroad."

While the charges may be being brought by a liberal group, if they have any credibility, they only increase the smell of good old Vito whom we now declare to be our nominee for the June Hall of Shame Award.

For more on this, check out her column at:

Marriage - Governor Schwarzenegger

More from our friends at The Patriot Post:

This week’s “Quid Pro Homo” Award:

“First, I have always said that for me, marriage is between a man and a woman. But I don’t want to make everyone else go in that direction... When the people vote, people are not legal experts, constitutional experts or any of that. I think that’s why we have the courts. People may vote with good intentions, but then the court says, ‘This is not constitutional.’ It’s not that the court interferes with the will of the people.” —California RINO Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

We really don't think we need to tell you what we think of Governor RINO and his opinions. Thank the Lord he can never run for President!!!!

Marriage -- Investor's Business Daily

Courtesy of The Patriot Post:


“The slippery slope has been greased. If two men can marry, why not more than two? Are laws against polygamy also a violation of our constitutional rights? Was the Texas cult legal? There you had a lot of people in a committed relationship raising a lot of children. Heterosexual marriage is not some Right-wing plot to deny homosexuals their rights. It’s an institution sanctioned by all successful nations and cultures because of a compelling interest in a stable, growing society with heterosexual marriage providing a sturdy framework for both procreation and the orderly upbringing of children—the future of any society. Opponents of the decision will try to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November. That may be the only way to ensure that activist judges don’t further unravel the fabric of society and that government of the people has not become government by just four people.” —Investor’s Business Daily

Congressman Tancredo Job Hunting

It's a real press release folks:

"( WASHINGTON, D.C. ) – Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) today sent in an application for the new conservative professor job at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Tancredo, a former teacher, was excited that the liberals on the CU staff decided to diversify their educational programs.

“I should be the clear favorite for the job,” Tancredo said. “Who doesn’t want a slightly used Congressman, with a 98% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, educating their children?”

As for his references, Tancredo listed conservative commentator Pat Buchanan as well as the entire Minutemen organization.

The Tancredo suggested curriculum would include Western Civilization and the threat of Islamofascism, English Only 101, and American Assimilation, which would replace Chicano and ethnic studies.

Tancredo also plans to secure the border around the CU campus with a 20 foot high fence.

Tancredo concluded, “In addition to my experience as a teacher and politician, I promise to have immigration officials check every student prior to all my classes.”

Another Great Republican Nominee

From Congressional Quarterly we learn of another Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives, this one seeking an open Oregon seat:

"Businessman Mike Erickson won his party’s nomination for a second time in two years Tuesday, but an ongoing scandal casts a pall over his victory and could hamper one of the GOP’s best shots at picking up a Democratic House seat in the fall.

Erickson beat former state Rep. Kevin Mannix by 51 percent to 43 percent, just a week after Mannix sent out an e-mail claiming Erickson had once driven a girlfriend to an abortion clinic and paid for her to terminate a pregnancy. Erickson has admitted to having a relationship with the woman, giving her a ride and giving her money, but claims he didn’t know the money was for an abortion. Both Mannix and Erickson ran as anti-abortion candidates."

If Republicans had any shot at this race in a district that Bush eked out 50/49 over Kerry in 2004, you can bet that this revelation will prevent that from happening. Another Republican of high moral stature. Give us a break.

For more on this, see

Obama vs McCain Gaffes

Recently, we commented about Barack Hussein Obama's discovery of the 57th and 58th states and asked the question "what would the media say if it had been McCain's gaffe?". Today, Michelle Malkin has a good column, 'Barack Obama: The Gaffe Machine," which deals with many more of his gaffes and the reporting by the media,

We'd again ask the question, how would the media be dealing with John McCain had he made all of these gaffes? Again, we can hear the comments about too old, senior moments, etc.

Dick Morris on GOP Senate Prospects

We don't give much respect to Dick Morris whom we believe is little more than a has-been political whore who will say anything at any moment to sell a new book or earn some dollars as a consultant or contributor to Fox or any other news source that will have him--guest we told you what we really think.

Having said the above, and still waving the GOP flag in its upside down "danger" position, you might want to check out Morris' less than encouraging column on GOP Senate prospects come this fall,

Even if we hold little respect for Morris the sky may still be falling.

In Defense of George W.

There is a great column by Ed Koch, former Mayor of New York City, a Democrat, a Jew defending George Bush for his stand against terrorism,

Koch concludes, "The reason I believe history will redeem President George W. Bush is that he is one of the few leaders on the planet today who understands the larger picture. He has not lost his courage and vision of the future. He knows what calamities await the world if it engages in appeasement and deserts an ally in order to buy an illusory peace. We will recognize his worth long after he is gone."

While we at the Objective Conservative believe that Bush has failed to reign in a spend-thrift congress for the last 7 years and has failed to properly articulate to the American public why we are where we are in Iraq (as well as to properly assess and plan for what occurred after winning the war there), we couldn't agree with Koch more. Koch offers valuable insights that shouldn't be forgotten.

The Wisdom of Harry S. Truman

"My choice early in life was either to be a piano-player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference." - -- Harry S Truman

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

World Herald Columnist Shows his Colors

If you happened to read (endure) Robert Nelson's column, 'Greens cannot thrive in rocky soil', in yesterday's edition, we'd suggest he showed his true colors. In our estimation there has been little question of his liberal bent from his raves about the Nebraska Democratic caucuses and Scott Kleeb. Yesterday, however, in discussing the goose-egg vote one Green candidate received (the guy apparently didn't have the commitment to vote for himself), he confirmed our suspicions with this:

" Whatever the reason for the laughable weakness (lack of Green votes-ed), though, it doesn't speak well of our overall level of interest in issues of sustainability regarding our water, air, land or power needs.

"And in regions of the country where there's little interest in these issues (Arizona comes to mind) and feeble environmental activism, the interest of business tends to be the only interest left, and the only interest served."

It certainly is a columnist's right to express his opinion as Nelson does. It's also instructive to know where he's coming from. We at the Objective Conservative express where we are coming from at the top of our blog page. Nelson would infuse you with his opinions without such a disclosure.

Obama is a Native American!!!!!

Yes, it's true. We learn that Barack Hussein Obama is now a Native American. From the Washington Post's "The Trail":

" Sen. Barack Obama became the first American presidential candidate to visit the reservation of the Crow Nation, and in doing so was adopted into the nation under the Crow name "One Who Helps People Throughout the Land."

Drums pounded and the crowd cheered as Obama was escorted to the podium by his "new parents," Hartford and Mary Black Eagle, in the manner of a groom being walked down the aisle. Obama beamed. His adoptive parents gave Obama hugs as he stepped onto a riser to speak.

"I want to thank my new parents," he said. "The nicest parents you could ever want to know. I like my new name. Barack Black Eagle. That is a good name!"

For more on this momentous event, sure to wrap upt the Native American vote in the fall, see:

Californians, Take a Lesson From Nebraska -- By Doug Patton

May 19, 2008

Watching another hijacking of the people’s will, this time by four arrogant judges on the California State Supreme Court, one cannot help but contemplate the future of the institution of marriage in America. In case you missed it, that august body has invented a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, thereby reversing a ballot initiative approved by 61 percent of the voters.

All this contemplation brought me back to a column I wrote in 2004 about the courageous woman behind Nebraska’s Initiative 416.

In 2000, Guyla Mills had already served for several years as the executive director of the Nebraska Family Council, a statewide organization committed to preserving the traditional family in an increasingly hostile public policy environment.

Guyla defended the sanctity of innocent human life, was an advocate for neglected and abused children, pointed out the folly of legalized gambling, no-fault divorce and lax enforcement of drug and alcohol laws. But perhaps most passionately of all, she defended the institution of marriage.

Armed with her faith in God and the people of Nebraska, in the spring of 2000 Guyla Mills initiated a petition drive to put the toughest Defense of Marriage Amendment in the country on the ballot statewide — and Initiative 416 was born.

Because of her political savvy and her grasp of the language, Guyla understood that the amendment had to protect marriage from legal counterfeits as well as from an outright change in definition. Therefore, she insisted that the language be written as follows:

“Only marriage between a man and a woman shall be valid or recognized in Nebraska. The uniting of two persons of the same sex in a civil union, domestic partnership, or other similar same-sex relationship shall not be valid or recognized in Nebraska.”

The incensed homosexual special rights lobby generated a predictable level of malicious vitriol, most of it aimed directly at Guyla Mills. In an avalanche of lies, she was falsely accused of exactly what her opponents were spewing forth: hatred. But on Election Day 2000, despite an unprecedented assault from the Left, Nebraskans approved the measure to amend the state constitution by a margin of 70 percent of the vote.

Guyla Mills is one of the least judgmental people I have ever met. Those of us who know her understand that to accuse her of hatred is like calling Mr. Rogers a serial killer. It is simply absurd, and it is the last refuge of anarchists who would tear down our most cherished institutions for the sake of a radical social agenda that has never been endorsed by any civilization in the history of the world.

There have never been restrictions on allowing two people, regardless of their relationship, from setting up legal avenues for hospital visits, last wills and testaments, etc. That is a red herring thrown into the issue to persuade those who want to preserve traditional marriage to acquiesce to the idea of domestic partnerships. But marriage by any other name still weakens the institution.

Guyla Mills knew that, and she beat the anarchists at their own game — in the court of public opinion. As Californians contemplate a constitutional amendment to protect marriage and to slap down their overreaching courts, they would do well to look at Initiative 416 in the State of Nebraska, and to the vision of a woman with the mind of a military strategist, the soul of a patriot and the heart of a missionary. The language of the Nebraska amendment may be harder to pass in California, but it is still the right language.

California Marriage

There is a good column by Dennis Prager about the California marriage decision. You might find it instructive about the consequences. See it at:

Barack Gets Super KKK Delegate!

It's refreshing to learn that Senator Robert Byrd, whom half of the buildings in West Virginia are named after, has formalized his departure from the Ku Klux Klan by endorsing Senator Barack Hussein Obama for the Democratic nomination.

Goodbye Veto

We told you last week about another great Republican moralist, New York Congressman Vito Fossella. Here's the good news about this slime ball from the Daily News:

"Embattled Rep. Vito Fossella, who recently admitted to fathering a love child despite being married with three kids, has decided against seeking reelection this fall.
The five-term Republican from
Staten Island will formally post his decision on his Web site on Tuesday morning."

We here at the Objective Conservative are glad the bum is not seeking re-election even if it may result in a Democrat taking his place. Until the Republican Party can purge itself of folks like Vito and begin to stand for something again, i.e., fiscal conservatism, less government, honesty and integrity, etc., it's return to leadership will be simply a dream.

You can read more about this guy at:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Good GOP News

Struggling as we are to find good news for our GOP friends, we observe from the Midday Congressional Quarterly that:

"The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Republican Sen. Norm Coleman holds a 51 percent to 44 percent lead over comedian Al Franken, his Democratic challenger, “who appears to have been weakened by his recent tax problems.” The paper’s new poll also shows trial lawyer Mike Ciresi, who dropped out in March due to lack of support from Democratic delegates, “runs just about as strong against Coleman as Franken does.” But Coleman holds a 15-point lead over lesser-known Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Franken’s competitor at the party’s June endorsing convention. Coleman “still shows some potential vulnerabilities, with a 45 percent overall job approval rating among all Minnesota adults in the poll.”

Although we put little stock in polls, at least this one does reflect something good for a Republican whom pundits have suggested could be in trouble come fall.

We Promised, but...

We told you last week that we'd be more positive about the Republican Party this week, but as you can see from the GOP Flag being flown upside down we're still not very optimistic.

With that said, we'd suggest you read Robert Novak's less than encouraging synopsis of the Republican performance last week. See it at:

What if John McCain Said It?

On May 9, Barack Hussein Obama said that he had campaigned in 57 states and had two more to go to, Alaska and Hawaii.

We at the Objective Conservative have apparently been doing the Rip Van Winkle thing and slept through the annexation of 9 states since Alaska and Hawaii.

By the way, what are and where are those states? We need to add them to our itinerary and get them figured into our Electoral College Map.

In the interim, what would the press be saying if John McCain had said it? Too Old, Senile, Senior Citizen, Senior moment?

The U.N. is Coming, The U.N. is Coming, the U.N.....

If you haven't heard, the U.N. is coming to Omaha. Yes, they are sending a delegate to Omaha and seven other cities across the United States to evaluate racism in our country. No doubt he will seek the advise of such as Ernie Chambers, Tariq Aziz, and the local chapters of the A.C.L.U. and Nebraskans for Peace. Perhaps they'll even get Senator Dwight Pedersen to tell them how we refused to apologize for slavery!!!

He'll be here in three weeks so you can bet on some escalating rhetoric as the date approaches.

Now we would ask if it doesn't seem wasteful of the U.N.'s time to be sending a delegate across our country for this purpose when it has much more important concerns of the same nature in Africa, the Middle East and China?

Oh, well, this is probably a nice trip for this guy whose organization derives more than 20% of its annual revenue from the United States. What do you want to bet that he'll have to put up with likes of Hilton hotel? Maybe he'll even get a chance to see racism in action at the Olympic Swim trials or the College World Series should he get some tickets paid for by your tax dollars.

You are probably aware of the fact that the U.N. has embarked on a $2 billion dollar remodeling project at its headquarters in New York City, again with our country putting up the largest share of those dollars. After all, it's important that the criminals, spies and lawbreakers who inhabit the building do so in comfort and safety.

We at the Objective Conservative think that it's not too late to reconsider the U.N. remodeling effort. In fact, we think it would be a worth while investment to simply offer the U.N. $2-3 billion just to leave the U.S. and establish their headquarters in Brussels, Paris or Baghdad. Then we'd be rid of these criminals, spies and lawbreakers. No doubt New York City could find a better use for the space.

In the meantime, we can hardly wait for the U.N. delegate to come to Omaha and for hs ultimate assessment.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Congrats to Congresman Terry

Congratulations to Congressman Terry for standing up and voting against an over-bloated farm bill. We only hope President Bush will do the same and can convince the necessary number of congressman and Senators to sustain his veto.

How to Improve Republican Prospects

Next week, we at the Objective Conservative promise (well, at least sort of) to display less of a
pessimistic, "Blame Republicans First" mentality. But with the grim prospect we have that will be a challenge.

Our friends at The Patriot Post offer their observations on what Republicans need to do to gain back control of their destiny:

"Republicans must adopt, and actually adhere to, the timeless conservative principles advocated by Ronald Reagan. These principles are still in the Republican Platform, but most Republicans pay them little heed. Republicans need a unified message advocating individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values.

The Party of Reagan withered under the “kinder, gentler” administration of Bush(41), consequently suffering further indignity under two “era of big government is over” Clinton terms, only to be further disenfranchised by Bush(43)’s “compassionate conservatism.”
Government spending and regulation increased dramatically when Republicans held the White House and majorities in the House and Senate. That does not constitute “reform” or “change.” So why should voters believe them now?

Conservatives have to convince Americans that the menacing jihadi threat must be contained, while deploring the Left’s traitorous potshots at the real shooting war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Republican Party has lost its bearings, and, predictably, its ability to field conservative candidates in general elections. Though there are still many authentic conservatives on Capitol Hill, they have not composed even a majority of the Republican Party since Newt Gingrich was speaker. "

For more, check out:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interesting Data

For those of you who haven't seen it you might want to check out the American Enterprise Institute's May Political Report. Just go to and click May. Some very interesting surveys that, again, won't make most of you happy Republicans.

California Marriage Ban Overturned

It what will no doubt have far reaching consequences for both California and for the nation, the California Supreme Court rendered a decision today that will make California a state in which gay marriage will now be legal. According to the Washington Post, "The decision, which becomes final in 30 days unless delayed by court order, directs state officials to ensure that local municipalities comply with the court's ruling and allow same-sex couples to marry."

You certainly haven't heard the end of this.

More than 1.1 million Californians have signed petitions in opposition to allowing gay marriage through a constitutional amendment. The signatures must be verified and Californians may very well end up voting yea or nay on the issue come November.

This will now become a national issue for candidates McCain, and presumably, Obama.

We at the Objective Conservative are old fashioned enough to still believe that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman that defines society for the last several thousand years.

We look forward to hearing from candidate McCain in particular in this regard.

See the article at:

Is Obama Smarter than a 5th Grade Jaywalker? -- Doug Patton

By Doug Patton
May 12, 2008

'Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has an indicted, Syrian-born Chicago shyster named Tony Rezko for a financial mentor. He has a screwball, race-baiting, America-hating pastor named Jeremiah Wright for a spiritual mentor. He has an unrepentant domestic terrorist named William Ayers for a political mentor. And he has one of the angriest wives ever to aspire to the position of First Lady.

Obama refuses to wear a flag lapel pin because he thinks it is more patriotic to criticize his country than to support it, or even to wear a symbol of its support.

Obama thinks those of us out here in flyover country are all a bunch of bitter, gun-toting, Bible-thumping bigots furious at “those who don’t look like us.”

That really should be enough to sink this lightweight candidacy filled with vague language about “hope” and “change” — what George Will has called “rhetorical cotton candy.”

But wait. There’s more. Just when we thought Obama had shot himself in the last foot he had available, he presents us with another gift.

On top lapelgate and pastorgate and bittergate, now comes stategate. It seems that the brilliant Barack Obama doesn’t know how many states there are in our union. In an off-the-cuff statement you will not hear about on the nightly news, Obama declared that during his presidential campaign, he has visited 57 states. He also said that he has one more to visit: Alaska and Hawaii. I swear to you, that’s what the man said.

Here are his exact words: “I’ve now been to 57 states…I have one more to go…they wouldn’t let me go to Alaska and Hawaii.”

Now, try to imagine if John McCain — or any other Republican — had uttered such a stupid statement in public. Is there any doubt that person would have been pilloried and Dan Quayled for the remainder of this campaign? (At least when Quayle questioned the spelling of potato, he had some basis in fact for his inquiry: the plural of the word is “potatoes” — with an “e.”)

McCain is still being vilified for referring to Iran-supported terrorists in Iraq as al Qaida, as if the vast majority of Americans care about the distinction between a Sunni and a Shiite terrorist.

Entire books have been written about the gaffes of George W. Bush. He has been castigated for everything from his mispronunciation of the word “nuclear” (he always says “nucular”) to his inability to communicate with the press. His mangled syntax has been regular fodder for the crew at “Saturday Night Live” for his entire two terms in office. “Misunderestimated” was always one of my personal favorites.

But even the most misinformed American can tell you this country has 50 states, having learned that information in what? Kindergarten?

But fear not, Obama supporters; excuses will be made by the mainstream media. “He was tired,” we will be told, or “he misspoke.” And they will only tell you that if they are forced to report on the matter at all. The New York Times (and most other major newspapers), CNN, ABC, CBS, tax-supported PBS and especially NBC are so pro-Obama it is downright embarrassing, and make no mistake, they will continue to circle the wagons around this guy, just as they have done throughout this campaign.

Perhaps Obama should be a contestant on Fox’s “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” Or maybe Jay Leno could interview him out on Hollywood Boulevard as part of his Tonight Show “Jay Walking” segment.

How many of our states have you been to, Senator Obama? Fifty-seven? That’s very impressive. I hope you get the chance to see the other one. Or is it two?'

Florida and the Blaine Amendment

Here's one for you to watch come the fall election. It's a battle being fought in Florida over the Blaine Amendment which essentially limits funding for religiously affiliated organizations. If it passes in Florida, you'll see more efforts nationwide.

See the article at:

The Polar Bear

The position that we at the Objective Conservative have on global warming is pretty clear. Sadly, it appears that there will be many consequences, most unintended, by the listing of the Polar Bear as threatened, the action taken by the Interior Department under the Endangered Species Act. You can read about this at:

You might want to check out our Polar Bear video as well.

The listing of the Polar Bear as 'threatened' will result in a multiplicity of lawsuits on a plethora of issues by liberal groups whose sole purpose for support of the listing is to further their mistaken beliefs about global warming.

Since we at the Objective Conservative consider ourselves to be rational environmentalists we might also uphold that declaration by suggesting you check out the opinion by one of the premier hunting organizations in the world, Safari Club International. See what they have to say about the 'threatened listing' at:

Sign of a Well Managed Campaign

Some Republicans can't even get their ads right (Courtesy of Congressional Quarterly Midday Update:

The Denver Post reports that Bob Schaffer, the Republican candidate for senator, had to pull a campaign commercial “almost immediately because the image in the ad of Pikes Peak — where he proposed to his wife — turned out instead to be Mount McKinley in, well, Alaska.” Schaffer is running against Democratic Rep. Mark Udall for the seat of Republican Wayne Allard, who is retiring. “Dick Wadhams, Schaffer’s campaign manager, said the spot would be re-edited with Colorado peaks and start running again almost immediately,” the newspaper wrote, “but not before his candidate took a series of hits from liberal bloggers noting that the ad was supposed to underscore Schaffer’s deep connection to Colorado.”

More Talk--Little Action for House Republicans

From today's Congressional Quarterly we extract this comment:

"Boehner said he had read the blistering memo about GOP prospects prepared by Rep. Thomas M. Davis III , R-Va., a former NRCC chairman. Davis said the party’s prospects this November were the bleakest since the 1974 Watergate election year.

Boehner said he couldn’t find much to disagree with in Davis’ analysis. “I read Tom Davis’ memo. I thought it was well done and insightful. That’s why we’re developing issues Republicans can be for” this year as they campaign to take back the House, he said."

For the full article, see:

Better yet, just find a good anti-acid!!

George Will on Housing Legislation

A good article by George Will on the housing issue and Congress's cure for this so-called problem. Check it out at:

Just to make it clear where we stand, the President should veto this bill if and when it gets to him.

Lenders that made loans they shouldn't have and borrowers who borrowed money they knew they couldn't pay back are victims--victims of their own actions and lack of responsibility.

When will government quit creating victims?

Karl Rove on Republican Prospects

Our less than optimistic sense about Republican chances in November continues to be reinforced. Today, Karl Rove provides his thoughts in an editorial published by the Wall Street Journal. He might actually be a little more optimistic than we are. Check it out at:

Daub for Mayor?

Former Mayor and Congressman Hal Daub announced this morning that he has formed an exploratory committee to consider a run for the Mayor of Omaha next year.

Hal's former service as mayor, his energy, his vision and his multi-faceted career will make him a solid candidate for the position next year whether current Mayor Fahey chooses to seek re-election or not.

One can also expect that City Councilman Jim Suttle will be in the race to succeed Fahey should Fahey bow out. Whether Suttle will have the intestinal fortitude to announce his plans prior to Fahey doing so remains to be seen.

Others such as former Mayor P.J. Morgan, who resigned from office for essentially personal reasons early in his last term, and "Can't we all just get along Brad Ashford" are potential additions to the race which is now just less than a year away.

Daub's Press Release:

For more information, contact:
Hal Daub
1620 Dodge Street, Suite 2100
Omaha, NE 68102

Hal Daub Ponders Mayoral Bid
Former Two-term Mayor Forms Exploratory Committee

OMAHA (May 15, 2008) – Declaring that Omaha faces unprecedented financial challenges that require a combination of experienced leadership and vision, former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub announced today that he has formed an exploratory committee while he considers a bid to become Omaha’s mayor in 2009.

“I have the energy, the experience and the ability to make a positive difference,” Daub says. “My previous two terms as mayor, as well as the perspective of being in the private sector the past eight years, puts me in a great position to address the issues and continue Omaha’s progress.”

Daub has filed the documentation necessary to form an exploratory committee with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. A copy of the filing accompanies this news release.

An informational Web site,, has been established. In addition, interested persons are invited to telephone their comments and concerns directly to Daub at 402-339-DAUB (3282).

He and his wife, Mary, will spend the coming summer walking the neighborhoods throughout the city, speaking with Omaha residents and gaining their ideas and input while also taking a close look at city facilities including parks and pools.

“Whether it’s city finances, tax burdens or violent crime, I want to know what Omahans think the priorities for city government ought to be,” he says. “I welcome their opinions. By visiting every area of our city, I intend to utilize our citizens’ ideas to formulate a plan that will continue Omaha’s growth and preserve the high quality of life we have come to enjoy.”

Currently a partner with the law firm of Husch Blackwell Sanders in Omaha, Daub grew up in Lincoln and Omaha. He obtained his law degree from the University of Nebraska in 1966.

Daub says he has the experience that will be needed to continue Omaha’s momentum into the next decade. He served as Omaha’s mayor from 1995-2001, a key period of planning and growth, and recently concluded five years of service on the board of the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority (MECA).

“I don’t claim to have a magic wand because quite frankly, we’re going to need a lot more than magic to get us through what lies ahead,” Daub says. “Our next mayor must have the knowledge, experience and strong leadership capabilities that will enable the city to address the serious financial and other issues we will face in the next 10 years.”

If he does decide to run for mayor, Daub says, “My combination of private sector and city government experience would give me the qualities necessary to be immediately effective.”

For interviews, contact Daub at his office, 402-964-5019.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Democrat Payback -- Or the Lack Thereof

From the Congressional Quarterly Midday Update we learn the following about our March Hall of Shame recipient Eliot Spitzer:

"The Greater Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin reports that Eliot Spitzer won’t be giving donors a full refund for the money they contributed to his aborted 2010 gubernatorial campaign. The former New York governor, who resigned March 17 after being disgraced by a sex scandal, has about $2.9 million in his campaign fund. Donors have been told they have six weeks to apply for refunds, or their money will be given to others. “Given the lack of funds left, any request received at this point forward will be honored on a pro-rated basis,” said Democratic Party spokesman Jonathan Rosen, according to the newspaper."

Guess those "ladies" took their toll on Eliot's Campaign Account!!!!

We Again Say Veto this Bill

Why should President Bush veto the farm bill? How's this for starters?

"Despite a record $175.5 billion in crop production, with the price of all major crops continuing to rise, Congress is seeking to expand subsidies for farmers. In fact, the bill now pending in Congress would allow married couples with an adjusted gross income of $1.5 million to receive subsidies from the government, and even individuals who are not full-time farmers would be eligible for subsidies with an adjusted gross income of $500,000! The White House has suggested a lower cap of $200,000, which is still more than four times the median household income in the United States."

That's what Wayne T. Brough, Ph.D., is 'Farm Bill Fiasco' says in his article courtesy of FreedomWorks,

We agree and hope that President Bush has the guts to veto this wasteful bill.

Omaha City Elections -- News Tomorrow

We expect that there will be an announcement tomorrow regarding next year's Omaha city elections. Look for news here tomorrow!

Democrats and Sex

Since we're so down on Republicans and their prospects we can at least share with you a little about what is going on in Detroit where the mayor, following the good example of William Jefferson Clinton (let's call him Willie from now on), is accused of perjury and obstruction of justice in a sex scandal. Seems the Detroit City Council has censured him and thinks he should be removed from office and is even looking for the help of the current Michigan governor, who will probably not dispose of any political capitol in obliging.

Nice to know that Democrats have some bad players too--although we expect such of them, which still makes the performance of many prominent Republicans all the more unpalatable and reprehensible.

See the article:

More Cruel Republicans

Since we are on the topic of Republicans and their future today, we might suggest you read Michael Gerson's column, 'The Moral Scales', .

Seems seven Republican senators are stopping funding for an AID's bill with a price tag of $50 billion. Gerson suggests that while these senators might delay this bill that they certainly wouldn't delay a bill that could stop the death of millions of unborn infants.

Okay, now our heart is bleeding because we know our inaction on the AIDs bill might cost a multitude of lives in Africa or elsewhere.

Question is, and we at the Objective Conservative promise to keep posing it, is where does the federal government's responsibility begin and end for such endeavors? Where does the funding of such initiatives fit into the scope of the 10th Amendment to our Constitution? Further, since we're talking Republicans and future elections, are the Republicans who prevent such legislation now so out of step with American ideals that they are unelectable? Are they just heartless 'conservatives'?

From the standpoint of the Objective Conservative, our country may be reaching the point where its citizens expect it to be all things to all citizens, to solve all problems, to cure all ills -- regardless of the cost to the citizen or their offspring, regardless to the diminutization of the citizens' rights.

America is the most generous country in the world. How will it be so when there are no dollars left to spend? Perhaps then we'll realize the founding fathers weren't so far off when they gave us the 10th Amendment.

John McCain and Global Warming

Is it a wonder than many conservative non-members of the Church of Global Warming are perplexed by Senator McCain's position on Al Gore's favorite topic (for which he is earning millions)? Yesterday's Wall Street Journal contained an editorial regarding their thoughts about McCain's thoughts on bringing cooling to the world.

Today, courtesy of The Patriot Post we give you Investor's Business Daily's thoughts (You might also learn a few things to refute Mr. Gore and his congregation by reading):

“After the coldest April in 11 years, John McCain offers a ‘market friendly’ approach to global warming—saying we ‘have a genius for adapting, solving problems.’ But shouldn’t the problems be real?...[W]e were disappointed when, at an Oregon wind turbine manufacturer on Monday, [McCain] seemed to embrace the shaky environmentalist position on global warming. Saying the costs of our reliance on fossil fuels ‘have added up now in the atmosphere, in the oceans and all across the natural world,’ he proposed that by 2050, the U.S. should reduce CO2 emissions to a level 60% below that emitted in 1990. The question is, why? Cold water was thrown on the climate-change disaster hypothesis by the National Climate Data Center’s recent announcement that last month was the coldest April in more than a decade and the 29th coolest since record keeping began 114 years ago. The average temperature was 1 degree cooler than the average April temperature of the entire 20th century. A few weeks ago, as North America was emerging from one of its coldest and snowiest winters in decades, the climate center issued a statement saying that snow cover on the Eurasian land mass had been the most extensive ever recorded, and that this March had been only the 63rd warmest since 1895. On April 24, the World Wildlife Fund published a study, based on last September’s data, showing that Arctic ice had shrunk from 13 million square kilometers to just 3 million. What the WWF omitted was that by March the Arctic ice had recovered to 14 million square kilometers and that the ice cover around the Bering Strait and Alaska was at the highest level ever recorded... We were pleased that McCain endorsed nuclear power as a pollution-free source of energy that can help us toward energy independence while reducing emissions. But the fact is that we will need more energy, not less, by 2050, from all sources. Both economic and technological growth will demand more... Global warming is debatable, both as to its causes and its effects. By taking the lead on domestic energy, McCain could help solve a real problem and make a clear distinction between himself and his head-in-the-tundra opponents.” —Investor’s Business Daily

While we're at it, here is another good story, "John McCain's Assault on Global Reason," by Mary Gallagher courtesy of Real Clear Politics:

The Republican Downhill Slide

On Monday, we pointed to the special election for Congress in Mississippi and the potential signal it would send for Republicans for the fall elections. Sad to say, the worst happened and Republicans lost the race. Here's what our friends at the Washington Post had to say:

"Travis Childers, a conservative Democrat who serves as Prentiss County chancery clerk, defeated Southaven Mayor Greg Davis by 54 percent to 46 percent in the race to represent Mississippi's 1st Congressional District, which both parties considered a potential bellwether for the fall elections.

Democrats said the results prove that they are poised for another round of big gains in the November general elections, and they attacked the Republican strategy of tying Democrats to Sen. Barack Obama, the front-runner for the party's presidential nomination, saying it had failed for a second time in 10 days in the Deep South. Democrat Don Cazayoux won the special election for a GOP-held House seat in Louisiana on May 3.

"No one could have imagined the tsunami that just crashed on Republicans in Mississippi," Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said in an interview after the victory. "There is no district that is safe for Republican candidates."
House Democrats now hold a 236 to 199 majority, up from 203 seats they controlled two years ago.

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, sounded an alarm for all GOP candidates "to take stock of their campaigns and position themselves for challenging campaigns this fall" while lashing themselves to the presidential candidacy of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

"The political environment is such that voters remain pessimistic about the direction of the country and the Republican Party in general. . . . Time is short," Cole said in a statement.

Democrats begin the march into the fall elections with an enormous cash advantage: $44 million for the DCCC to $7 million for its GOP counterpart as of March 31. And 25 other Republican incumbents have decided against running for reelection, providing Democrats with more opportunities to make gains. Seven Democratic incumbents are not seeking reelection.

The Childers victory was the latest setback suffered by Republicans, who began the string of defeats in special elections when Democrat Bill Foster claimed the seat of former House speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) in March."

What does this continuing disaster mean for Republicans in Nebraska and elsewhere? Hard to say, but a Jim Esch rematch against Lee Terry may not be as easily dismissed as some may have thought.

For more, see:

For more, if you are feeling particularly masochistic:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mississippi - A Republican Omen?

Tomorrow may represent yet another day of reckoning for the Republican party should one of its nominees lose his race in Mississippi. That on top of what will no doubt be another painful and likely resignation by good Congressman (forget family values) Fossella of New York. We hate to continue our negative, cynical attitude toward our Republican prospects, but we see little to be optimistic about as long as Republicans display not only Democratic moral values, but Democrat philosophies as well.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Fighting Global Climate Change

In case you are not a fan of the Church of Global Warming, beware that government at the city, state and local levels seem to have become active congregationalists. Just check out this article from our friends at the Washington Post:

Dem Primaries a Microcosm of Socialist Thinking -- By Doug Patton

May 5, 2008

As I write this, Democrats in the states of Indiana and North Carolina are poised to express their preferences in the ongoing primary slugfest between U.S. Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Which of them wins is of little importance. What counts, as with all things liberal, is fairness.

A generation ago, Democrats decided that fairness outweighed the need for an orderly process that actually produced a viable candidate for President of the United States. Following the 1968 debacle in Chicago, the party rigged the system so that never again would their bigwigs be denied a voice in the presidential nominating convention.

By 1984, the Democrats had come up with the ridiculous nominating process we see in action this year. It included the “super-delegates” we have heard so much about, unelected delegations consisting of senators, congressmen, governors and other party officials who are guaranteed a seat at the table whether they deserve it or not.

Additionally, in the name of fairness, the party has continued to encumber itself with a set of rules that prevents two equally popular candidates like Clinton and Obama from ever truly winning a primary. In Democrat primaries, there are no winner-take-all elections. This creates a situation where a candidate can win what would, under any other circumstances, be considered a landslide (say, 60-40) and walk away with very few more delegates than the loser.

This arcane system is a microcosm of socialist thinking. In the eternal utopia of the liberal mind, no one should really win or lose. No one should have more than anyone else. Everything should be equally distributed. In fact, equality of opportunity means nothing, while equality of result means everything. Anyone who gets ahead must be penalized. As in their primary elections, no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you prosper, no matter how diligently you plan, you will never get beyond a certain point. To allow you to do so would be unfair.

It is the reason why, in a recent debate, when asked about the capital gains tax, Barack Obama made the stunning confession that he didn’t care that raising the tax would actually decrease revenues to the federal government. For him, it is about fairness. He said that!

Similarly, Hillary Clinton is touting a “windfall profits tax” on oil companies to “pay for” the gas tax holiday she wants to give us this summer. It’s all about fairness. The oil companies are prospering so they must be punished. Never mind that corporations don’t pay taxes; people pay taxes. Oil companies, like all corporations, will simply pass on any tax on their “windfall profits” to all of us at the pump. And when they do, Democrats will be right there to pounce on their “greed.” Nothing will be said about government greed.

Both Clinton and Obama want to force you to pay for your neighbor’s health care when you can barely afford to pay for your own, even as they try to convince you that it’s free for everyone.

This is socialism, pure and simple. Democrats can dress it up and call it anything they want, but we have seen it in action time and again all over the world. The former Soviet Union achieved total equality — meaning that everyone was equally miserable. It doesn’t take much of a five-year plan to have an entire country standing in line for a dried-out potato and a stale loaf of bread.

So the next time you hear Clinton or Obama or any other Democrat talk about making the rich “pay their fair share,” ask yourself how it benefits you to have the job creators of our society punished for their prosperity. Ask yourself how stifling the growth of our economy helps your lot in life. And ask yourself how a party that is more interested in equality and fairness than in freedom and opportunity can ever lead this country anywhere but onto the ash heap of history.