Thursday, December 11, 2008

Failed Senator Supporting Failed Big 3

Apparently, soon-to-be-hasbeen-former senator-but-not-soon-enough Chuck Hagel is leaning toward the big 3 bail out bill. Seems he thinks allowing them to fail would be "astoundingly dangerous" even though he acknowledges his belief that they will probably end up in bankruptcy anyway.
What's more disappointing is that he acknowledges that most of the constituents contacting him are opposed to the bail out.

So we have a failed senator supporting a failed big 3 bail out.

So much for representative government..

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Anonymous said...

Senator Chuckie is offering Nebraskans the opportunity, over the next few days, to say hello and "thank" him for his con-tributions to our state and national welfare over the past twelve years. Even Lilibet is returning to Nebraska for the grand tour! One can only hope that the esteemed Senator gets the lack of attention that he so greatly deserves!