Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Disappointed with Bush - Mark Anich

I worked to reelect Bush. I chaired a coalition for him. I sat on a state steering committee for his campaign. I attended his inauguration. Yet today Bush is trying to out-left the Left. In political terms, I now know what it feels like to be raped by a Republican. And it is no better than being raped by a Democrat.

Modern economists who promise that the solution to a recession is to deepen debt, are of the same academic ilk as those who thought up such brilliant experiments as Communism and National Socialism. To them, government is the answer. Yet to our founding fathers, government is always the problem, the enemy of freedom and prosperity, to be heavily constrained lest it inevitably constrain the freedom of all that it governs.

No terrorist need destroy America. Bush and Obama are doing that nicely.

Bush has already socialized more assets than has Cesar Chavez. Bush bailed out our worst bankers, our most inept corporate executives, our most unproductive industries, all the bad and stupid that in a free society normally withers and dies. Now Bush wants to bail out auto unions that guarantee uncompetitive US production in world markets. He feeds America's cancers. Obama the Democrat promises to do the same.

Bush and Obama think government is the answer because if they don't, then they cannot be America's saviors. Every tyrant in history has believed himself to be a savior of his country. Are these tyrants or just egotists? And does the difference really matter if the result is a diminishment of American freedom and prosperity?

I spent several decades in uniform flying and sailing into harms' way for America. I personally endured a life of less freedom and less prosperity for sake of me giving such gifts to other Americans. Our elected leaders are now throwing those gifts away.

The only ray of sunshine is the GOP minority in the Senate putting on the brakes ala the auto industry bailout.

I have a feeling that the USA is blindly walking near a cliff. Where do we go from here?

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Triple Hash said...

You are so right in everything you say. You’ve witnessed our party’s leader go completely the wrong way and feel betrayed. I too feel that way about most of the party. Finally, it looks like the party is waking up and seeing that Republicanism in the last 20 years was fake conservatism. There is no such thing as compassionate conservatism. Goldwater/Reagan told us that conservatism is on its own compassionate.

Your service to this country is greatly appreciated. People like yourself, for the sacrifices that you’ve endured, humble me.

The question now is whether we Republicans can stand up and shed ourselves of these compassionate fools and help guide this country back to its greatness using the only principles that have worked in the past. Conservatism. That will take leadership. Bush wasn’t that person and nor was McCain. Who is out there that has the vision and resolve to get it done?