Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama's Endorser

While the race for the presidency is over, we here at the Objective Conservative have been overdue in taking note of one of president-elect Barack Hussein Obama's supporters. No we aren't talking about Lilibet Hagel (who acknowledged her support for the president-elect through her purse) or her weasle of a husband who wouldn't tell us that he was supporting and voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

No, we're talking about the endorsement of Department of State employee who happens to be an ex-Hagel chief of staff and an ex-employee under RINO Republican Collin Powell. We're talking about Lou Ann Linehan who is stationed in Bagdad for the Department of State as a computer specialist although she has no credentials that anyone is aware of to suggest she is qualified for the title.

Yes, Lou Ann Linehan endorsed Barack Hussein Obama. So what makes her any different than her former boss' wife or the weasle himself? Nothing other than the fact that she is covered by the Hatch Act which you may recall prevents government employees from being involved in political campaigns.


Anonymous said...

There's probably some loophole in the Hatch Act for former Senate Chiefs of Staff/now Computer Specialists in Baghdad. Look under: Loophole: Hagel-owned voting machines.

A. Truman North said...

Aren't there bigger crimes against humanity that Obama supporters have committed in the last five minutes that we could be blogging about?

I mean, sure, you've broken the story wide open. But this is just the sort of person who would have to go to a federal prison instead of, say, Barack Obama (D-Kenya) himself.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Linehan also endorsed Jim Esch. Seems as if she has truly split from the Republican party. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Good riddance!