Monday, November 3, 2008

Hagel and his true colors

We got this from our friends at Nebraska Right to Life. This is the same Chuck Hagel that for years purported to be a conservative. Incidentally, and we've mentioned this before, this is the same Chuck Hagel who when he appeared on his first TV interview with KMTV's Joe Jordan didn't know quite whether he was pro-life or pro-gun. It took serious effort on the part of his advisors to position himself to be what Nebraskans wanted.
Now when he has made himself history (thankfully) we're seeing the real guy and there isn't much good to be said.

See below:

Sun Nov 02, 2008 at 01:32:31 AM CDT

The New Yorker features Chuck Hagel in its latest issue. As Nebraskans say goodbye to Hagel after two terms as our U.S. Senator, he offers some words of wisdom we'd all do well to learn from as we move into what will hopefully prove a new era for American democracy:

Hagel on his decision not to endorse John McCain for president
"In good conscience, I could not enthusiastically - honestly - go out and endorse [John McCain] and support him when we so fundamentally disagree on the future course of our foreign policy and our role in the world."

Hagel on his disappointment with the McCain campaign:
"He gave one unifying speech [at the GOP convention] and then has spent fifty million dollars to destroy his opponent."

Hagel on McCain's choice Of Sarah Palin for vice president:
"I don't believe she's qualified to be President of the United States...The first judgment a potential President makes is who their running mate is - and I don't think John made a very good selection."

Hagel on the dangers of single-issue voting, especially over the abortion issue:
"There was a political party in this country called the Know-Nothings...and we're getting on the fringe of that, with these one-issue voters - pro-choice or pro-life. Important issue, I know that. But, my goodness. The world is blowing up everywhere, and I just don't think that is a responsible way to see the world, on that one issue."


Anonymous said...

And did anyone else notice that Hagel's chief of staff formally endorsed Obama!

Anonymous said...

and then there's Lilibet!!!!!!!!!!