Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bums are bums and GOP needs to say so

It appears the voters of Alaska are about to officially oust our former Hall of Shame member, Ted Stevens at the cost of one more Republican vote in the U.S. Senate. Alaskans are right to reject this convicted felon. It's a shame that his ego prevented Alaskans from nominating someone who might have kept the seat in GOP hands. No tears should be shed over Steven's demise. He gets what he deserves and hopefully will be sentenced appropriately.

With that said, the GOP ethics group shouldn't fail to take notice of the fact that Representative William Jefferson's appeal to have his case thrown out failed and he will hopefully soon go to trial for his solicitation of $500,000 in bribes, not to mention the $90,000 in 'cold cash' bribe money found in his freezer.

The GOP needs to clean its house of the bums like Stevens and demand strong ethical behaviour of its elected officials. But it also, as the loyal opposition, needs to actively expose and take on those across the aisle for their outrageous, unlawful, unethical behavior as well.

Bums are bums and the GOP needs to say so.

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I totally agree.

Otherwise, it is hypocritical.