Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to Fire Perlman -- Patrick McPherson

It should be obvious (from past diatribes) that I am not a fan of Harvey Perlman, an academic elitist who has demonstrated his total lack of judgement and respect for Nebraska tax payers in the past.

If you recall, I condemned Perlman's cavalier response to the football coaching/athletic director situation a year ago. After finally deciding to fire Steve Pederson (another non-tradition respecting elitist) having given Pederson a raise and contract extension only a couple of months earlier before discovering his 'management problems', this seemingly omniscient (AROGANT) guy told Nebraskans that if they were unhappy with him they couldn't get the cost of his blunders out of his paycheck and he could, of course, always go back to the law school (isn't tenure wonderful?). Of course that wasn't enough to move our fine Regents or NU President J.B. Miliken to get rid of this jerk.

Well, now is the time to fire Perlman.
Perlman's total inability to relate to reality, his total elitist approach to his job, his total disregard for the concerns of the average Nebraskan who supports the university and sends his kids there could be no better illustrated than by his allowing the UNL College of Education and Human Science to invite an avowed terrorist to speak there.

This is not about academic freedom, it's about common sense and just as Perlman has proven he has no common sense when it comes to his football knowledge, he has now proven he has no common sense when it comes to evaluating the propriety of inviting a scumbag like Bill Ayers to speak at our state university. Taking the same reactive approach that he used with the football situation rather than a proactive one, he sat on this mis-decision since February rather than simply do the right thing and say he made a mistake by allowing the invitation and then dis-inviting this guy who still says he wish he had planted more bombs.

Thankfully, Regent Ferlic has condemned Ayer's appearance by noting that his appearance "speaks volumes of the arrogance" of Chancellor Perlman. Maybe even President Miliken has woken up by saying that the decision to allow Ayers to speak reflects "remarkably poor judgement." Let's hope the other regents follow.

I could go on and on about the poor judgements of Perlman in other instances, but frankly this is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Perlman will stick Nebraskans (once again) by using his tenured position to return to his treasured law school where he will no doubt continue to practice his academic elitist mentality and decision making, if he can't be fired for cause--although I think there is plenty of cause.
Voters should ask those running for election or re-election to the position of regent in the fall where they stand on Perlman.

Let's hope that President Miliken and the Regents have the guts to finally step up to the plate and rid Nebraska's University of this embarrassment. Otherwise, it's time to start cleaning house with Miliken and the Regents.

If that doesn't work than it's time for the governor and our state senators to make the university pay for its bad judgement.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he just found out about the visit...just like he just found out that Smiley Pete was a jerk around the office, despite numerous reports and that the football team under Billy C was horrible, which, again, was kinda in the news.