Friday, October 24, 2008

Senator Brad Ashford

It's no secret that we at the Objective Conservative are not particularly enthralled with Senator Brad Ashford most of the time. His ideas are often quirky or simply too liberal for us.

Will today, we want to compliment Senator Ashford on his decision to introduce laws to help enforce immigration laws in Nebraska. The Omaha World Herald (Oct. 23 addition) tells us that Ashford, "plans to call for a mandatory system that electronically checks whether a Nebraska worker is in the country legally."
Interestingly, while Ashford apparently thinks this will cause illegals to leave Nebraska (it has in Arizona and elsewhere) he also brings up the interesting and we think accurate proposition that this will take the suspicion away from those immigrants who are here legally. What a refreshing thought because most who are against illegal immigration are at least hopefully just as zealous in their patriotic view that all legal citizens should be treated with respect and equally.

While we don't totally agree with all of Senator Ashford's thought process, he's right on here. If you didn't read the story you can find it at:

You conservatives might want to let Brad know that you think he should pursue this come January.

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Anonymous said...

Brad Ashford is an anti-gun,pro-abortion former Democrat who will represent only the power elite in Omaha while grandstanding issues to act 'as if' he's a statesman. Head of the Judiciary committee(keeping an eye on Chambers) and punishing gunowners for mall massacres is not conservative!! Brad Ashford is part of the Omaha Fairacres Road Country club elite, not a conservative!