Monday, October 20, 2008

Fire Perlman - Postscript - Patrick McPherson

Friday, I wrote the following diatribe (See 'Fire Perlman' below) which I unabashedly forwarded to our regents, Harvey Perlman, J.B. Miliken and others. Since then the university has 'disinvited' the 'reformed' terrorist Ayres under the guise that it could not protect him from Nebraska terrorists (donors, incensed citizens, political leaders).

Earlier today, Chancellor Perlman said that the university did the right thing by inviting Ayers in the first place. That statement shows how out of touch Super Athletic Director and Coach of Academic Free Speech Perlman is. Free speech be damned--He just doesn't get it. Nebraskans have a higher standard for those it wants its children to hear at THEIR university. Their donors, their governor, and at least one of their regents (Randy Ferlic) understand this. Apparently, Perlman still does not.

With that said, we are told that the event has been cancelled because of the inability of the University to protect this terrorist. Apparently, there have been threatening e-mails and threatening telephone calls. As I understand it, there are laws against such behavior. It will be interesting to see whether the university turns those e-mails and phone records over to the FBI or State Patrol so that prosecution of those free speech hating Nebraska terrorists can be pursued. On the other hand, maybe Perlman will refuse to turn over those records to protect the free speech of these would-be terrorists.

One should judge the university's lie/excuse/guise by whether anyone is prosecuted for these nefarious threats. Otherwise the cancellation is based on a ruse contrived by Perlman & Associates. In the interim the governor should demand that the university turn all records of threats over to the State Patrol immediately!

For the parents of kids whose parents send them to learn on Harvey's tutelage, perhaps they should arm thier children (lawmakers will have to make that legal next year) so their kids can protect themselves since obviously the university's ability to protect anyone at all is suspect.

The bottom line here folks, is Harvey Perlman SHOULD STILL BE FIRED. HE IS AN INCOMPETENT LEADER (I use the term 'leader' loosely) WHO CAN'T PROTECT HIS VISITORS (apparently) AND AN ACADEMIC ELITIST WHO THUMBS HIS NOSE AT EVERY NEBRASKA TAXPAYER BY HIS REFUSAL TO ADMIT THAT HE HAS TERRIBLE JUDGMENT, WHICH HE CALLS ACADEMIC FREEDOM. I STAND BY MY DIATRIBE (below) OF FRIDAY. IT'S TIME TO FIRE PERLMAN or at least send him back to the law school (which is where his tenure will provide safe haven).


Mike said...

Yeah...he should have been fired long ago.
What is it with the board that they keep hiring these liberals?

Anonymous said...

Given Ayers radical educational ideas, let alone his past activities, perhaps it would be appropriate for someone in authority to ask the UN-L Dept. of Education, or whomever was responsible for Ayers' invitation, to address the rationale for inviting an individual with such extreme ideas, and an approach that apparently is intended to literally undermine our existing educational system. Perhaps too much has been made of his past, and too little of the damage that he might currently be doing!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget his ignorant view on the Affirmative Action issue. I voiced my concerns to Ferlic during the Pederson fiasco. He made some stupid comment back to me telling me to "sit tight". If the so called Republicans on the Board of Regents don't fire Harvey Boy, then the Regents need to go.

Barb said...