Monday, September 15, 2008

Mock Hearing On Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative

Yesterday, Sunday September 14, there was a mock hearing on the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative held at Creighton University. The apparent purpose of the hearing was to allow Nebraska Public Television the opportunity to record same for public viewing to help the citizens of Nebraska make up their minds on which way to vote on the issue.

We think the answer to which way to vote is simply YES.

With that said we were impressed with the proponents who testified, Ward Connerly, Pete Ricketts and Marc Schniederjans, a professor at UNL.

We were far less impressed by the opponents, led by none other than Dave Kramer, former Nebraska Republican Chairman and former candidate for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination. It appears to us and to virtually every Republican that we have talked to that Kramer has sold his future GOP candidate aspirations and his soul on this cause for whatever he is getting or will get from his liberal supporters on this issue.

You might want to check out the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure filings to see who all the liberals and liberal organizations are that are opposing what Kramer says is a "solution in search of a problem." You can do so by clicking:

Interestingly, the only opponent of the initiative that Kramer could call was State Senator Danielle Nantkes, a liberal Democrat representing the 46th State Unicameral District which just happens to include the university. Sadly, we found it disturbing that the attorney for the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative failed to question Nantkes in regard to her paid services for the opposition. Yes, Nantkes, your state senator, is being paid to oppose the bill that she testified against yesterday.

A couple of thoughts:
  1. If the opposition's supporters don't send chills up your back, you are a Democrat elitist member of academia.

  2. If this initiative really accomplishes nothing as Kramer and associates claim, why are they so adamantly opposed to it?

  3. David Kramer has severely diminished his status as a current or future Republican leader in the state of Nebraska.

  4. Vote for the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative on November 4th!

For more on the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative, see:

For more on Nebraskans United, see:


Eric said...

Getting practice with outrageous hyperbole I see:

"If the opposition's supporters don't send chills up your back, you are a Democrat elitist member of academia."

Can I play too? Here goes:

"If the NCRI supporters don't send chills up your back, you are a racist Republican idiot."

So... may I also ask why it takes you so long to post comments that oppose the opinions expressed by this blog. Given that you regularly put up several blog posts before getting to approving old comments, it's certainly not a time issue. Are you afraid of having your positions challenged? This is your sandbox, so that's cool if that's how you like to play. I just want to know, so I'm not wasting my time reading and commenting where I am not welcome. Thanks.

Eric said...

I think I can hear crickets chirping...