Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chuck Hagel throws a bomb - Pat McPherson

Once again, and certainly not unexpectedly, lame duck, wishy-washy Senator Chuck Hagel has thrown his bomb at the Republican Party that has supported and given him (mistakenly) credibility for the last 12 years. Yes, the senator couldn't resist the opportunity to tell the world that Sarah Palin isn't ready for the job of Vice President or President.

Well, let's be honest, she probably isn't ready to be the President. No one ever is. But then, how is Barack Obama any more ready for the top job? The senator didn't mention that.

Perhaps after being criticized for not having gone to Iraq and then subsequently going with none other than Hagel this summer, that has made Barack Obama an expert in foreign affairs?

What the senator should be saying is that John McCain is infinitely more qualified to deal with a threatening world than is Barack Obama. We are electing a president, not just a Vice President. And, certainly, Sarah Palin has more administrative experience, more leadership experience as a mayor and governor than a guy who was a 'community organizer' and has spent 143 active days in the U.S. Senate with no record of introducing and passing any bill of substance.

As to the age factor and fear that poor dumb Sarah might become President, the senator ought to consider McCain's very alert, very active 95 (his daughter says 98) year-0ld mom. If DNA has anything to do with it, chances are John Sidney McCain will be singing at Hagel and Obama's funerals.

Obviously, Senator Hagel has a problem. He wanted to be President, but couldn't make up his mind as evidenced by one of the most embarrassing press conferences in history where he told the national news corps that he had decided to announce that he had not decided. Isn't that the kind of leadership we need?

Failing in his never-started bid for President, Senator Hagel decided that he might like to be Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State, so he decided that maybe he'd walk the line on whom he would support for the presidency. After all, if he sucked up to Barack Obama maybe he could get one of those jobs given his unique decision-making ability (or lack there of). Thus, his mentoring trip to Iraq with Barack Obama and now his bomb-throwing at Sarah Palin.

Let's face it. Any smart businessman wouldn't hire someone that wouldn't be loyal to him and how could a president-elect consider Chuck Hagel, whose lack of loyalty to Bush is evidence of that? Bad news for Hagel, even Barack Obama, should our nation have to endure his presidency, is going to be smart enough to not hire him! Obviously, Hagel already understands that President McCain won't and hasn't fallen for his capricious, self-serving behavior. Given his comments about Palin, there will and should be no doubt about that.

Hagel's failure to appear at the Nebraska Republican Party Convention and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis certainly wasn't a punishment for those who once supported him. IT WAS A FAVOR! There certainly would have been no proclamations or resolutions at the state level supporting his 12 years of service and if any had been introduced, they would have failed miserably assuming there might have been a second.

What's even more amazing is that he has demonstrated an absolute self-serving attitude by the abandonment of principles that he told his supporters he believed in. Like pro-life. Like conservative judicial appointments. Like support for gun-owners. His lack of support for the Republican ticket simply demonstrates that he apparently only mouthed those principles (after receiving much tutoring and help those issues in the early, indecisive days of his first campaign) in order to get elected in the first place since Barack Obama represents the very antithesis of those beliefs.

Obviously, the senator chose to enhance his lame-duck status by not going to the convention and going to South America in order to boaster his 'international credentials' for Barack Obama at the cost to the tax payers who will benefit nothing in the last glorious few days of his time in the U.S. Senate.

As a 'learned' Republican on international issues Senator Hagel could have offered to assist John McCain and Sarah Palin rather than throw his self-serving bombs in hope of an appointment to the Barack Obama administration. He didn't. That was no surprise given the Chuck Hagel we have come to know.


Anonymous said...

Your comments are all on target. Equally as disturbing, the Omaha World-Herald today uses a large color front page picture to highlight our lame duck Senator's petulant babblings about Governor Palin, on a day when the national economic issues, the #1 story of the day, are shunted to the business section, replaced by stories of a race track in Lincoln, and a disgusting pimp! The W-H is becoming as irrelevant as Senator Hagel!

Anonymous said...

Right on Pat. This man has been the leader of the State Republican Party and it would behoove the current leaders to publically denounce his statements or at a minimum, publically disagree with him and point out what are Obama's foreign policy credentials other than sitting in committee hearings and taking a quick trip overseas?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed worth noting that Senator Hagel ("R"-NE) is a member of the Senate Banking Committee. Specifically, he is the ranking member of the Financial Institutions sub-committee. On a day when our financial institutions are in the throws of a crisis, Chuck Hagel is stooping to pot shots at the Governor of Alaska. Would somebody be so kind as to help me make sense of that, because I am think that those pot shots are a distraction. A distraction away from the REAL issue of the day from his complicity and contributions to the problem. Where has Chuck Hagel been in protecting America (I'm almost laughing) from this financial mess? Since this is a blog, please allow me to answer the question I propose. Hagel was busy flying around with Joe Biden and Barack Obama at different times. Since Obama had never been to Iraq or Afghanistan, Hagel served as a tour guide for him. Admirable since Obama didn't know his way around that part of the world, but his obsession with Bush and the war/s completely blinded him to realities at home in America. Chuck Hagel is a great American. Let no one doubt that. However as a United States Senator from Nebraska, he has gone into hiding, failing to attend even one Nebraska Breakfast in over a year. We should all wish him "the best of goodbyes" as he lives his soon to be newly private life in Virginia, and leaves the Senate as a former member of the Senate Banking Committee that failed their country miserably.

Anonymous said...

Hagel is so irrelevant it isn't funny. Reminds me of Clinton trying in desperation to find his legacy. Of which there is no good one. The funny thing about this is that the World Herald has become just as irrelevant!

Anonymous said...

Right on, Pat. Hagel's credibility continues to fall and we thinkers still see the truth. The World Herald on the other hand has become a mouth piece for the left. I am quickly losing respect for its writings and its relevance in assessing the challenges of today. Omaha's former "news" source is becoming more and more a propaganda paper for the liberals. Does anyone suppose they will see the stupidity of today's coverage and do a retraction of any sort? It'll be interesting to see if they can admit their error.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t even read what the TRAITOR said. Saw it in the paper

Anonymous said...

Yet, you don't disagree with the premise of the statement. Just because he doesn't agree with all of certain Republicans, doesn't mean that he hasn't, in fact, acted like a Republican via his votes correct?

Some Republicans may tend to agree that the war was in error and should not have been fought in Iraq.

We knew what we were getting with him in the independent thinking person who barely lived in Nebraska in the first place to qualify to run for the office. Yet, back then, we didn't care and elected him twice to the office. If you don't like Chuck Hagel, the person to blame is looking back at you in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

It is often stated, often correctly, that voters get the officeholders they deserve! Unfor-tunately, there is occasionally a problem with "truth in packaging" with certain of these individuals!
Nebraska voters, especially many conservatives, did not realize they were getting a narcissist who would throw his Party under the bus just to get an opportunity to be "provocative" on the Sunday a.m. talk shows! I have no doubt that Senator Hagel thinks he's being "above the fray". In fact, he has become a self-serving opportunist with his so-call "inde-pendence"!

Tony said...

I was disappointed, then angry, yesterday to hear the disparaging comments of Senator Hagel regarding Governor Palin. I wish he would just fold-up shop and go away. Self-serving, indeed!!

Keep up the good work.