Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Accept the Challenge or Debate an Empty Chair - Pat McPherson

John McCain has suspended his campaign and asked to reschedule the first (Friday night) presidential debate. He has asked Barack Obama to join him, the congress and the president in resolving the financial crisis facing our country.

From my standpoint, this was not only appropriate but a stroke of genius by McCain who now puts the economic well-being of the country before his election.

It will be interesting to see how Barack Obama responds. Does he accept John McCain's invitation and in so doing, give McCain credence for the decision, or does he, abetted by Jim Leher and debate commission debate an empty chair while Rome is burning?

Perhaps McCain has turned lemons into lemonade.


Anonymous said...

I am of the same opinion. The American people are ticked off over this whole bailout issue. It is so very important to get this right.

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with you? He will debate an empty chair. Don’t you realize, he is an empty suit so what does it matter?

Anonymous said...

Pat, if all these politicians had any genius, our country wouldn't be in the shape its in.