Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Selection

We think that John Sidney McCain has made an outstanding pick in Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. While others may deride her executive experience and the fact that she is one heart beat away from the presidency, perhaps they should consider the 'executive experience of Barack Hussein Obama who won't be just one step away if elected. Some how things seem a bit mixed up. We have:

John Sidney McCain running for president -- a 72 year old with 30 years in Washington with adocumented record with a son in Iraq

Barack Hussein Obama -- a 47 year old with 20 years as an organizer and 143 days of service inthe Senate with little or no accomplishments and lots of present and abstentions for votes.

Sarah Palin -- A 44 year old mother of 5, governor with documented conservative credentialsand with a son about to go to Iraq

Joe Biden -- A sixty-five year old with more years in Washington than McCain, with the 3rdmost liberal voting record in the Senate.

Without juxtaposing the 4 it is hard to imagine how one ticket can be considered more of a change ticket than the other, hard to say inexperience is a factor and hard to say age is an issue.Given that John Sidney McCain made his choice after Barack Hussein Obama, it seems that McCain has somewhat neutralized what perceived advantages his opponents had on change, age and experience.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you had a chance to watch the announcement of Sarah Palin, but I thought it was very well executed. Everything seemed to be right (timing, setting, music, speech, appearance). Based on what I saw, I think this will be the day people will mark as the turning point in this campaign; and for the first time I believe the Republicans will win. Before today, I only thought we had a chance and could win, but it would be close and a nail biter down to the wire. But now I really believe it.

Of course, every day in politics is an eternity, so there are no guarantees going forward; but if the McCain camp continues to execute like today, this will be the turning point. As long as the McCain camp does a better job prepping Palin than the first Bush camp did with Quayle, then McCain/Palin will look stronger and better than Obama/Biden. In fact, when I saw Obama and Biden together on stage on Wednesday and Thursday, the ticket looked backwards. I was thinking the Democrats would have been better off with Biden/Obama; and I think Americans will see it that way too.

So, here's my informal poll of those with greater experience in politics than myself. What do you think of today's events?