Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Wonder of wonders. We learn from the Wall Street Journal today (Republican Trio Crosses Party Lines to Back Obama) that:
"One prominent moderate Republican not joining the group: Chuck Hagel, the senator from Nebraska. A representative for Sen. Hagel said he will not be joining the group, endorsing a candidate or attending either convention."

Our wonderment is that Hagel hasn't crossed the line. But our disappointment is that this so-called Republican is going to abstain from doing anything for the party that put him in office 12 years ago.

Chuck Hagel was never fully grounded in his views and apparently still isn't. Most readers will not remember one of Chuck's first interviews with local 'investigative reporter' Joe Jordan, but that interview was telling when Chuck couldn't explain where he stood on the abortion issue or on guns. Thank goodness for Chuck that political operatives such as the late Bee Whitmore were able to instill some Republican thought in his unformed gray matter.

It's a shame that Hagel's gray matter has apparently returned to its formerly vacuous state as he apparently has forgotten what the party that elected him stands for and appears to be more interested in a Barack Hussein Obama appointment that in possibly helping his party find its way out of its self-created morass.

It will be good when he's gone.......

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ptg said...

He sure looks Senatorial, though.