Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh Hagel, Where are you?

We've learned from The Hill that Nebraska's senior (and thankfully, soon former) Senator Chuck Hagel will soon accompany Barack Hussein Obama to such exotic destinations as Iraq and Afghanistan. We suppose that if you are trying to be Vice President you have to do things even if it is for someone who happens to be of a different party. You can see the information about this at:

With that said, many of you probably saw Hagel's 'essay', or more correctly the excerpts of it from his speech to the Brookings Institution, in the Omaha World-Herald on it's editorial page yesterday. This looks like one of many essays that will be submitted to President Barack Hussein Obama by those desirous of applying for the Secretary of State job in his administration.

It's clear that where Senator Hagel is not is at any Republican events as evidenced by his failure to attend the Nebraska Republican Party State Convention held this last weekend in LaVista, Nebraska. You wouldn't know of this from the OWH daily rag which failed to cover for whatever reason several things that happened at this weekend's convention. For example, every elected Nebraska Congressman, as well as Governor Heineman and number other state and local officials addressed the convention. BUT THERE WAS NO ADDRESS FROM SENATOR HAGEL---THERE WASN'T EVEN A LETTER SAYING I'M SORRY I CAN'T BE WITH YOU OR A POSTCARD SAYING "WISH YOU WERE HERE".

To the good sense of the party organization, perhaps fearing a vote of appreciation for Hagel's 12 years of service to the Nebraska Republican Party might fail, there wasn't even a resolution honoring Chucky. AND YES, SUCH A RESOLUTION WOULD HAVE FAILED.

The senior senator from Nebraska, who can't find the guts or the ability to make a decision as to whom he will support for the Presidency of the United States has apparently given up on the Nebraska Republican Party and the Republican Party in general as he desperately seeks his next career.

Senator Hagel showed his political paralysis in his protracted and uneventful process of deciding whether he would run for the presidency more than a year ago. He said he had lots to accomplish before he made his decision to reverse his former non-decision. Unfortunately, he's accomplished little of what he promised and is again proving himself to be either intellectually paralyzed, an opportunist, or just plain confused. We think he's a bit of all three.

We wish Chuck would just show his real colors and endorse Obama and change parties if he really wants to serve as Vice President or Secretary of State in the next administration. Chuck's indecision on changing parties will do about as much to get him the V.P. slot as his indecision to decide to run for president did more than a year ago. His 'essay' may still qualify him to be the token elephant in Barack Hussein Obama's administration but he should still become a Democrat since there will be no words of praise or resolutions commending his service from the party that he has left behind.


Anonymous said...

In the midst of the generic blather that dominates most of Hagel's Brookings Inst. comments, there are these salient statements:
". . .the world's leaders and citizens will also be carefully listening and observing this election. . . .No country, including the United States, is capable of successfully meeting the challenges of the 21st century alone. Yet today, much of the world has lost its trust and confi-dence in America's purpose and questions our intentions. The next president will have to reintroduce America to the world in order to regain its trust in our purpose as well as our power. International institutions are more important now than at any time in modern history. . . Working through international institutions and alliances. . . to build broad, diplomatic consensus may be difficult. . . But they are the best options to sustainable and effective strategic outcomes."

This concern about the likeability" factor dominating our international relations, as opposed to our national interest, as well as the desire to potentially subjugate our national interests to the likes of the United Nations, appears to seriously define a difference between the two major political parties, and it puts Senator Hagel squarely, unfortunately, in the Democrat / Liberal camp. What does it say that our most serious detractors internationally are Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc., while France, Germany, Italy, etc., have recently elected governments that are working in concert in multiple areas with the current administration. Yes, Senator Hagel IS an embarrassment to the Republican Party!

Anonymous said...

There was a resolution passed at the convention honoring all Republican Elected officials who are retiring. The definition of Republican is not based on actions but rather on affiliation.

Anonymous said...

You may have heard, or seen, that KM3 news is leading with Joe Jordan's story tonight that Hagel is, according to CBS news, one of the three finalists for Obama's VP (Sibelius, Bayh, Hagel), and is also saying that Quandahl spoke with Hagel two months or so ago about doing something for him at the convention, and Hagel told him that he couldn't make it (plus no greeting letter for the program). I can't really adequately express my complete disgust with this whole thing!