Monday, July 7, 2008

The Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative -- Pat McPherson

While you were busy doing everything from eating pancakes to watching parades to blowing off your fingers with fireworks on Friday, you might not have had time to read the front page of that day's Omaha World-Herald which I'm sure reluctantly announced that "An anti-affirmative action group submits more than 167,000 signatures; 112,000 valid names are needed to make the ballot." That was under the headline, "Petitions turned in: fight far from over".

The writer of the article, Martha Stoddard, wrote an article on this topic sometime ago (see archives of June 5, of the Objective Conservative) at which time I criticized her for her failure to identify Ward Connerly as a 'black' and as a 'former California Regent'. At that time I suggested her omission was either through ignorance or simply intentional. Well, once again she failed to identify Connerly as such and this time I can only postulate that it is simply an intentionally ignorant omission. Do you think that more information about Mr. Connerly might influence some voters who think this is either race based or anti-education in nature? But on to the subject of this diatribe.

More than 167,000 Nebraskans have signed the petition. They are not all ignorant dupes and racists as much of the intellectual elitists and academics of our state would have you believe. Apparently, these signers were not fooled by the scare tactics of David Kramer's (We can hopefully be friends, but disagree, Dave) Nebraskans United which would have led signers to believe that their lifes would be threatened by the out-of-state murderers who were ruthlessly fooling folks into signing the petitions. Apparently, these Nebraskans weren't fooled by the scare tactics that said these criminals would use the name and address information to steal their identities either. One can only ask where was the righteous indignation of the Omaha World-Herald editorial board in regard to these sleazy tactics? Certainly, if this had been a petition that the Omaha World-Herald supported, you can bet they would have been screaming "foul, unfair, misleading, a new sleazy low" with all the ink they could buy. The day will come when these now accepted tactics will be used against one of the Omaha World-Herald's pet petitions and you can bet they'll rediscover righteous indignation then.

Of course, out-of-state funds still continue to be a recourse for Nebraskans United since all their money is "clean" and raised here in Nebraska. If you want to feel good about their donors, consider the likes of such as Warren Buffett, The University of Nebraska Foundation and the Nebraska State Education Association, all real conservatives (yes, I jest). Well, I appreciate real conservatives such as Paul Singer, Bill Grewcock and Pete Ricketts who have made substantial financial donations to help pass the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative.

The people who signed the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative petition are not a bunch of uninformed, lied-to rubes, dupes or racists. The Nebraskans who have voted with their dollars to support it against the "How Could you be so ignorant?", mentality of the Omaha World-Herald, Nebraskans United and the elitists of academia are successful business folks. All are folks who believe in Ronald Reagan's notion of a colorblind society that neither rewards or punishes folks on the base of color, race, or anything else.

I hope that there are enough signatures from enough counties to let this go forward to the November ballot. I also hope that Nebraskans United, the Omaha World-Herald and their elitist allies will show a little more respect for the initiative process which our legislators and judges have made much more difficult than it should be or was originally intended to be. The citizens of Nebraska deserve an opportunity to vote on this, not more tawdry scare tactics (or no doubt, soon to be filed legal challenges) by those opposed to the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative. Let the voters decide!

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Jerry said...

I signed the petition and proud of it. enough of this unfairness with an affirmative action/laws.