Thursday, July 24, 2008

John Edwards and the Media

In a revelation that catapults John Edwards into the lead for our August nomination to the Objective Hall of Fame, we find out that he has a mistress and a love child even while his wife is fighting what is probably terminal cancer. You'd hardly know this given the lack of media coverage. The National Enquirer, whom we would say has at least the same degree of credibility as the New York Times broke the story which you can read at:
Jack Shafer, writing for slate had some legitimate things to say about this. See:

Our friends at Real Clear Politics attempt to analyze it thusly:

"Jack Shafer attempts to explain why the media is ignoring the John Edwards love child story. One thing Shafer doesn't mention is that there was (and probably still is) a desire, perhaps unspoken, among members of the MSM to protect Elizabeth Edwards. She is well liked by the press, and there is understandably a lot of sympathy for her given the fact she has two small children and terminal cancer. No need to rub her face in the "allegedly" schmuckish behavior of her husband.

"But Shafer is right about the double standard that's been applied by the media in its blackout of this story vis a vis the Larry Craig incident. In particular, the New York Times deserves to singled out for additional ridicule, given that they went out of their way to publish rumors about John McCain being romantically involved with a lobbyist on the front page, yet they would not get near the Edwards love child story with a ten foot pole while he was running for president."

We fully agree with Shafer's discussion about the New York Times. Their bias toward Democrats was only heightened this last week by there refusal to allow John Sidney McCain to respond to Barack Hussein Obama's editorial unless it was under their terms and thus their editorial review. The folks at the New York Times and the so-called major networks are too busy, apparently, covering Barack Hussein Obama's world tour to cover what would otherwise be headline news were it a former Republican candidate for the presidency.

While you are at it,you might want to check out an editorial by Dennis Byrne at Real Clear Politics on the issue of the McCain/New York Times editorial. See it at:

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Eric said...

Personally, I want to know why the mainstream media isn't picking up the "NASA MOON WALKER ALIEN COVER UP" story. It's a double standard. Everyone knows that the MSM is trying to get extraterrestrials elected to office.