Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Save You (from yourself) -- Patrick McPherson

I believe strongly that government is not the solution to every problem and that government is not the instrument that should protect us from our own lack of good judgement and personal responsibility.

Hence, when I read that Governor Schwarzenegger (RINO--That's 'Republican in Name Only for you folks who didn't get it) is proud of signing into law a California statute banning all restaurants from serving food with trans fats, I find it difficult to stomach (pun intended).

The California ban follows ones passed by numerous cities which apparently also believe that restaurant customers need the nanny state to decide what is good for them and what isn't. This is even worse than the smoking ban because in this case you can't say you are defending those poor, otherwise unemployable, waiters and waitresses who because of their inability to find any other job must breath the second hand smoke of those unthinking slobs who care nothing about their own health let alone that of others and who spew their repugnant fumes into air.

I would ask at what point does government regulation over our life stop? Where will it stop as we slide down the slippery slope? Already, Chicago has banned (and now rescinded) its ban on foie gras (that's goose liver for those of you who haven't yet been convinced by Barack Obama to learn French) and we've seen a bill introduced in the South to require restaurants not to serve fat people (fortunately, it didn't pass). Can you imagine weighing in when you go out to eat?

I happen to believe in free markets and personal responsibility. If you don't like second had smoke, don't patronize that privately owned business--punish it by not going there just as you might make a decision to buy a Honda because your Ford was crap. If you are dumb enough to fill your arteries with cholesterol by eating foods with trans fats, fill them up and help decrease the excess population as good ol' Scrooge would say.

The bottom line is that businesses will respond to the customer's choices and needs or they will fail and the American public should be smart enough to make choices themselves without the ever-increasing regulation of the nanny state.

I'm wondering when government will simplify my life by telling me what color of sock to put on in the morning? Surely,white crew socks must prevent athlete's foot.

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Here said...

In San Francisco, they're about to pass a smoking ban. While I don't agree with banning smoking in outdoor spaces, I do believe this bill needs to pass because it will ban smoking in the common areas of residential apartment buildings.

I have a real problem when people smoke in the hallways of a building, indoors, because every other tenant is forced to breathe their secondhand smoke every day. I know one kid who is not even old enough to walk yet, and every day she breathes secondhand smoke because the stupid adults in her building smoke in the common areas.

When it comes to smoking in enclosed spaces, I feel it's not about saving people from's about saving the innocent public from the dangers of a drifting toxic substance.

Thanks for considering my view. Would you agree?


Nick said...

Patrick, I think you are "all wet" on this one. Gov't. in the constitution is not the things you say (Federal). Each state has the right to say what it feels is appropriate for its constituents. If the loons in CA. want the state gov't. to ban smoking, it has a right to do it. However, I do not feel that the Federal Gov't. has that right. That is why it is being voted on state by state and county by county.