Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Illegal Immigration in Nebraska and Liberal (RINO) Senators

The ever even-handed Omaha World-Herald leads the Midlands page with the headline, 'Immigration's economic implications' today. The story is about a proposed Fremont ordinance that would ban harboring and renting to illegal immigrants and would penalize employers that hire them.

Among other things, the rag paraphrases RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senator Brad Ashford thusly: "State and local laws must be "careful and measured", or they could drive large employers out of rural Nebraska." So like San Francisco Mayor Newsom, Senator Ashford appears more concerned about harboring illegals than following the law--which seems a little strange for the Chairman of the State's one horse, excuse us, one-house judiciary committee.

Of course, the article also gives the editorial page of the paper to pontificate in its lead editorial, "The need for respect". Basically, their diatribe says "can't we all just get along?"

Yes, we should all get along. Every citizen should get along with fellow citizens. But citizens in Nebraska are incensed at paying taxes to support illegals. They are incensed when illegals commit crimes. They are incensed that illegals get instate tuition--tuition subsidized by our tax paying citizens. And while the editorial page tells us that we're only doing this for 28 kids and what a constructive part of our society they will become, it just doesn't make sense to reward illegals. Do you think you could get instate tuition to go the University of Mexico? Not only would you not, but you'd be deported or thrown in the local jail for being their illegally!

The editorial rag gives a little credence to Governor Heineman's failed effort to standardize verification of legal status for determining those who should receive other state benefits, but blames the liberal turn down by the Judiciary Committee on the poor rubes who made too much noise at the hearing.

We at the Objective Conservative are sick and tired of our RINO Senators as well as those on the other side of the aisle that would turn our state into another San Francisco. We hope the constituents of those 49 senators will make their well on this subject known as they replace nearly half of them again this year and we hope that Brad Ashford will be replaced as the chair of the Judiciary Committee come next January.

The Omaha World-Herald will continue to sing kumbaya, but Nebraskans are fed up with supporting illegal aliens.

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Eric said...

Every citizen should get along with fellow citizens.

Give me a break. Does your "belief that the United States of America is a country founded with a Christian/Judeo philosophy" tell you that you don't need to respect the inherent dignity of all human beings?

Love you neighbor as yourself... unless he's Mexican.