Tuesday, July 29, 2008

August Hall of Shame -- Senator Ted Stevens

In order to maintain our fair and balanced approach to our Objective Conservative Hall of Shame we have anointed Senator Ted Stevens, Republican of Alaska as our August nominee. Senator Stevens is exactly the reason why Republicans have fallen to the low level of esteem that they experience. The good senator was indicted earlier today on 7 counts of making false statements. He is accused of benefiting by $250, 000 in unlawful gifts by an oil company executive.

While we agree that the Senator deserves a fair trial and is to be assumed innocent until proven guilty, we must acknowledge the strong odor arising from his actions just as we did with our congressman from Louisiana, Mr. William Jefferson, our July Hall of Shame nominee.

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Avram Mirsky said...

Membership in this club must be getting close to 100. And this link is several years old and only includes the sexual offenders:


GOP: Grand Old Perverts.