Friday, June 20, 2008

We'll be in Europe Soon

Driving our country toward more European socialism, the House has passed a bill providing for four weeks of paid parental leave for federal employees with the option of having another four granted to it. 50 Republicans voted for this shameful expenditure of taxpayer dollars. We can only hope the Senate has enough votes to block and in the event that it doesn't that President Bush has enough guts to veto. At this rate, we'll be working 30 hours a week and watching businesses produce ALL of their products elsewhere, like in France and Germany



Eric said...

Wow. I can't believe that someone who professes "a belief that the United States of America is a country founded with a Christian/Judeo philosophy" is against such pro-family, pro-life legislation. Not only that, but you're giving the knee-jerk Republican cry of "socialism" for a situation which has been created by capitalism and is one of the great things about capitalism: in order to recruit and retain quality personnel, you have to treat them well. Four weeks of paid maternity leave is probably the bare minimum you'd see in private sector careers. I can't imagine that any parent (or person who has ever held a real job) would find this excessive.

Anonymous said...

The Objective Conservative has a lead article that doesn't make sense. It laments the recently passed house bill that grants 4 weeks of paid parental leave and the option of another 4 weeks as well. It says at the beginning of the article that we're heading for European Socialism. However, at the end of the article it says that soon we'll be watching our products made elsewhere, like France and Germany.

Well, either "European socialism" is bad (which it is), or it isn't. If it is bad, then why would we watch our products being made by countries that already have "European socialism" in place, like Germany and France. Why would "they" be making products cheaper than us? If anything, it would be a wash. But I suspect American work habits are still far better than European and even with the 4 weeks leave our workers would still out produce European workers easily. So regardless of whether the parental leave policy passes, we would not be watching our products being made by France and Germany. Bad choices. Now, if they wanted to say Malaysia, China, and other developing nations with minimum social benefits then I would definitely say the article is on track.

Editor said...

Note from Editor: Obviously, our reference to Germany and France (see comment 2) was unclear as we meant to suggest that we would lose more product production just as France and Gernmany have to Eastern European countries such as Poland, although we could have certainly mentioned Asian or African countries as well.