Saturday, June 7, 2008

Time for a Change in Linoln - Patrick McPherson

It's bad enough that George Norris gave Nebraska the Unicameral, the one aberration that exists among 50 states when it comes to the legislative branch of government. It's equally bad and perhaps worse that the late Senator Norris (who had some difficulty deciding which party he belonged to as his career ebbed) gave Nebraska the notion of a non-partisan legislature. Worse yet, the notion has maintained viability through the prairie populist notion that this unique entity of government is really good government. The notion has been furthered by academic elitists, Democrats who have over the last several decades fallen to represent only about one-third of the body, and, of course, the editorial staffs of the states major paper(s), including the Omaha World-Herald, which have apparently been drinking from Norris' fountain of inspiration.

There have been many articles that have appeared on the editorial pages of Nebraska's purveyors of ink in this regard with folks like me generally saying it's time for a bipartisan two-house legislature and with the elitist editorial boards suggesting that me and my ilk are simply a bunch of rubes.

Not too many years ago, a brave and true conservative member of the legislature (there are many that claim that 'R', but conveniently tuck into their pockets to avoid criticism from the elitist media--or perhaps fellow Republicans), unrepentant of his Republican credentials and conservatism, introduced a bill to amend the state constitution to return to a bipartisan two-house system. That individual was current Republican State Chairman and former State Senator Mark Quandahl. Of course, based on the tepid reception of his fellow Republicans, most of whom drink from the 'Norris Fountain of Inspiration', Quandahl's bill went nowhere.

Here is where I'm going with this. Right now there are more than 30 Republicans among our 49 state senators. Our Republican governor has to herd these folks to get anything done, not unlike herding 49 cats. It's just time we changed the system.

So, with the fall elections coming up and with approximately twenty Republicans seeking re-election or asking for their first trip to Lincoln, I would propose that every interested Republican voter and activist extract from these folks a promise to support the creation of a two-house bipartisan legislature or at least get them on record as 'Norris Fountain of Inspiration' drinkers.

Hopefully, the leadership of the next legislature will provide the appropriate committee members to at least move the idea forward to a full vote of the legislature and ultimately to a vote of the citizens. If not, then Republican voters should consider whether those committee members warrant their support at their next election.


Anonymous said...

Well said………

Anonymous said...

George Norris sucked and the Nebraska's unicameral sucks worse. These hick legislators are using the population centers of the state like farmers use milk cows. They don't even care how many widows and widowers get thrown out of their homes due to ridiculous taxes that benefit the ag system andpunish the urban poor and middle class. After all, a farmer doesn’t care how loudly his cow bellows as long as she gives the milk.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha you and Quandahl are 2 of the few who get it LOL.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Brother!