Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rumors Confirmed

About three weeks ago we reported in 'Rumors' on the Hagel connection family Linehan--that LouAnn had possibly taken a job with the State Department in the Green Zone of Iraq and that daughter Katie was supporting Jim Esch's candidacy against Lee Terry. It appears we were right on both counts, judging from a response received that day from Katie and from what we have learned from the Hill.

In fact, LouAnn is in the Green Zone. What is of particular interest is that she is classified as a Computer Specialist. Apparently, the State Department or those who hired her and placed her in that position weren't concerned that LouAnn has virtually no computer skills whatsoever. Perhaps LouAnn's stint at the State Department during a brief hiatus from Senator Hagel's office was sufficient to gain the political clout to get the job. Also, as you may recall hearing, the State Department seems to have and be having some difficulty recruiting career employees to go to the Green Zone.

We wish LouAnn a safe term in Iraq and a safe return but we find her classification of computer specialist a bit of a puzzlement. It would be interesting to know whether the classification is one of desperation by a State Department avid to recruit anyone to go to Iraq or whether it is the result of influence of Senator Hagel or some benefactor at State.


Anonymous said...

Could the fact that it's possible we might have a Secretary of State Hagel starting in 2009 have something to do with it?

Also, go Katie! Defeat Terry!

Anonymous said...

This blog is so late on the facts it's rather amusing. Your primary sources are a)Facebook or b) A former family friend based on this late breaking news. This information has been floating around for quite some time. Any other great insights such as Johanns winning in November????