Monday, June 23, 2008

Poor Chuck Hagel

Seems that the guy that couldn't make up his mind to announce and ended up announcing that he might announce later now would consider being the #2 guy on Barack Hussein Obama's ticket. Poor Senator Hagel just doesn't seem to understand what party he belongs to and the reality that no Republican or Democratic ticket topper would want an uncontrollable Chuck Hagel promoting his agenda over that of his boss.

But Hagel told the AP that he would consider being on Barack's ticket if asked. See:

While we at the Objective Conservative appreciate Hagel's generally conservative voting record (including his recent vote against the Lieberman-Warner Cap and Trade Bill, s.3036) we won't miss his maverick displays of political ambiguosness. One can only ask how a man with the so-called political principles Hagel professes to believe in could even contemplate thinking about a #2 slot with a guy whose principles are 180 degrees apart? Either Hagel is an opportunist, just doesn't know what he really believes, or perhaps is bi-polar.

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