Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nelson Want to Abolish Electoral College

Interestingly, after publishing contributor McPherson's column on Nebraska's method of awarding electoral votes, we find that Senator Nelson, (D), of Florida wants to see a constitutional amendment eliminating the Electoral College altogether by simply allowing presidents to be elected by popular national vote.

If you want to see reason for McPherson's idea and why this would be a terrible idea you might want to consider the demographic impact of such a change. As best we can determine, such a change would allow about 11 population centers in the United States to elect your president. You might consider that--especially if you are from Nebraska.

For more on Senator Nelson's thoughts, see: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/capitol-briefing/2008/06/fla_sen_nelson_pushes_for_elec.html

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Eric said...

It's stupid to claim that a popular vote would result in only 11 population centers electing the president. If that kind of reasoning were valid, then you could say that Nebraska Governors were elected only by Lincoln and Omaha.

Right now, the importance of your presidential vote is based entirely on geography. A popular vote would make every person's vote important regardless of where he or she lives.

All that said, why go for the constitutional amendment when it would be way easier to achieve the same end with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact?