Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leave it Behind

We learn from today's New York times, that Secretary of Education Spellings is still promoting President Bush's No Child Left Behind and changes to it. The article notes that Barack Hussein Obama wants to overhaul it while Senator John Sidney McCain supports it. Both are wrong.

The federal government has no place in education under our constitution. Bush, many Republicans and most liberals think throwing money at a problem is the solution. It doesn't work. It surely didn't with Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty.

Sadly, whoever is elected the next President of the United States will perpetuate the bloated bureaucracy that is the Department of Education and its inane efforts to control our lives and the education of our children by its expensive intrusion into what should be a local and state responsibility.

If Republicans wanted to stand for something they should advocate eliminating the Department of Education and No Child Left Behind. It certainly wouldn't hurt their "me too" image that makes them indistinguishable from their Democratic colleagues.

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Anonymous said...

Am going to have to disagree with you regarding your comments on First Child Left Behind. With our current educational system, something has to be done to correct a downward spiral, which was the impetus for the program. It's a matter of practicality vs. theory. Yes, there should be local control of schools, but, when that local control forfeits its responsibility, something has to be done. That's what Bush was attempting to achieve by potentially setting some standards. Unfortunately, in too many areas of the country currently, there are no standards at all! Part of the program was to encourage charter schools & vouchers, I believe, which is commendable. The Dems have done everything they can, along with the unions and the NEA, to undermine these programs. I can agree, however, that the Dept. of Education is another bloated, inefficient bureaucracy!