Monday, April 21, 2008

More on Global Warming

From, this item on global warming that would not be inconsistent with essayist Doug Patton's article today:

'Hurricane Expert Reconsiders Global Warming Link
Prominent MIT hurricane scientist Kerry Emanuel has publicly reversed his view regarding global warming's alleged impact on hurricanes.'

“The [computer] models are telling us something quite different from what nature seems to be telling us," said Emanuel, whose views on hurricanes and global warming have been prominently cited by Al Gore and other promoters of climate change fear.

He told the New York Times. "There are various interpretations possible: The big increase in hurricane power over the past 30 years or so may not have much to do with global warming, or the models are simply not faithfully reproducing what nature is doing. Hard to know which to believe yet.”

In 2005, a few weeks before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Emmanuel asserted in a paper that he had found statistical evidence linking rising hurricane energy and global warming.
His conversion is a very important new development in the climate debate, said Marc Morano, a top aide to climate change skeptic Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla.

"First, 2007 turned out to be the ‘tipping point’ for global warming fears, and 2008 appears to be the year of vindication for skeptics as many prominent scientists reverse their climate views, more and more skeptical scientists speak out, and new data debunks man-made climate fears.
“Now another major scientist reconsiders his views on a significant aspect of man-made climate fears.”

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Anonymous said...

There is a terrible, egotistical stupidity in those who think Mankind can fix the climate. For pete's sake... ITS THE CLIMATE.

Of course we can dirty things up, not as much as India's and China's teeming billions can and do, but we can dirty up our nest. But change the friggin' climate? Why not throw a rope around Mars and we can all pull on it until the Earth is further away from the sun. Voila, less global warming.

Mankind is dying of stupidity.