Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miles Per Gallon and Our National Security - PJM

Well, if you've been following the news you'll note that the government will soon promulgate the new C.A.F.E. (fuel economy) standards for future automobiles with the goal to have an average miles per gallon of 31.6 miles per gallon for cars being produced in 2015.

Let me make it clear; I would normally consider this nothing but more government intrusion in our lives. I don't like mandates. I don't believe that this would normally be considered a power delegated to the federal government under our Constitution.

Having said that, I congratulate the folks in Washington for at last having the guts to raise fuel standards.

Every president and congress since 1974 has failed to recognize that this country's dependence on foreign oil is nothing less than a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE. Yes, you can look at the many so-called 'energy bills' enthusiastically passed by congress since then, but NONE OF THEM HAS DECREASED OUR RELIANCE ON FOREIGN OIL AND, IN FACT, OUR DEPENDENCE HAS GROWN EVEN GREATER!


The sad thing is that this minor energy savings step means nothing until we also understand that we need to drill for oil in ANWR and off the 'left' coast and the Gulf of Mexico, and maybe even put wind farms in the back yard of hypocrite of hypocrites Ted Kennedy.

I'm willing to let government assume this power as long as it assumes it as a NATIONAL SECURITY obligation and a comprehensive one that truly rids our country of its dependence on foreign oil. I'm willing to buy those squiggly energy bulbs from WallyWorld, to use more fuel efficient appliances, to turn down the thermostat and to buy cars that use alternative fuels or even get 31.6 miles per gallon by 2015. But doing so should be part of a well-communicated, comprehensive NATIONAL SECURITY plan to make this country energy independent.

If we don't do this we only await the day when a huge firestorm consumes the Middle East and it will no longer be a matter of buying gas at some outrageous price like $10 a gallon but rather a situation where there will be no gas available with the ensuing worldwide economic disruption and depression.

Increased C.A.F.E. standards are just a small part of what must be done to assure our national security.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Pat, the number of deaths that come from these government mandated smaller cars kills thousands every year.
I did a huge report on CAFE standards for Bellevue U. It's estimated that more than 4000 people die each year as a result of the long standing Cafe standards.
I believe the national security benefits are overshadowed by the more than 140,000 deaths already attributed to that law.
Additionally, mandating increases in fuel economy when the technology does not exist to generate the power needed to, for example, get a semi-truck over the pass at Loveland is exceedingly poor policy.
And it won't be any part of a coordinated security policy. That's too much to expect form the left, who hate America and want us destroyed.
Drilling in ANWR, North Dakota, offshore, et al., is what will make us energy independent.
We sure as hell can't count on the government to do that. [make us energy independent.]
I just don't want to give the government any more power, period. They have too much as it is.
Cafe standards are going to kill the V8....good luck finding a truck in 10 years that can pull a good sized boat. Or RV. Or trailer.

Anonymous said...

Normally we don’t disagree. However, the problem is not the “supply and demand” of liquid fuel…….the problem is developing an alternative to the fuel that is in high demand to the “peril” of its citizens. In other words….we should develop an alternative fuel source. During WW II, we called that “yankee ingenuity”. If we can go from scratch to the Moon in less than ten years; surely we can develop an alternative fuel to run a simply engine as an automobile. The founders of this country exemplified “yankee ingenuity” by going from scratch against the most powerful country in existence at the time (Great Britain) to create the greatest country in the world thus far in less than fifteen (15) years. Today our Air Force can we routinely shoot down an object from space. NOW YOU TELL ME WE CAN’T DEVELOP AN ALTERNATIVE SOURCE OF FUEL. No…… we don’t need C.A.F.E……we need…..L.E.A.D.E.R. S.H.I.P.

Anonymous said...

The 1996 version of my lower end "luxury" vehicle achieved well in excess of 30 mpg on interstate trips. My later version of that same vehicle gets well under 30 mpg on similar driving. Honda Civics used to achieve over 40 mpg, and now often do little better than the mid-30's. Detroit has essentially emphasized "perfor-mance" over "efficiency" in recent years. Should it be that difficult for them to merely return to the "technology" of a few years ago?????

Good Ol' Republican Gal said...

Yes it is a part of what needs to be done Pat, but it is a hell of a start. Thanks to Congressman Terry and Congressman Hill...who worked across party lines to come up with this plan we will be better off. Lower prices at the pump and less reliance on foreign that a great start if you ask me. And yes automakers are close to getting this technology so I don't want to hear any of that crap. The proposal has support of the automakers and the SUV owners of America.

Anonymous said...

Please know I swallow hard to enviously admit your comments could have come from my own throat were I as word proficient in this matter as you have demonstrated! Too bad though, that those who are in a position to alter it will never truly address the pressing problem you express. Sad, sad to our nation's further disadvantage! WE HAVE THE OIL RESERVES TO MAKE US INDEPENDENT IN THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE--the must not touch mentality allows an increasing threat to our continuing Independence.