Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hagel at it Again -- Editor

If you haven't seen today's Omaha World Herald, check out the article on Chuck Hagel (Page 8B). Apparently (predictably), Hagel asserts that America needs a new direction and thinks proof of such lies in other countries' low esteem of our nation. At one point, at least, he says, "It isn't all our fault". Once again, his solution is for "America's leaders to be more like former Presidents Eisenhower and Harry Truman, who worked through international coalitions such as the United Nations, to make changes." Wow, Eisenhower the great conservative! Wow, the United a nations--an organization of thieves, liars, spies and lawbreakers! What a solution, Senator Hagel!!!

Hagel further asserts, "What you've got is a nation that's lost its faith." Of course in Hagel's eyes, this accounts for the rise of the percentage of independents who will be responsible for restructuring of existing parties or the creation of a third party. If Hagel truly believes this will be the case, maybe he ought to start reading different history books rather than promoting his own next book--soon to come out. The truth of the matter is Hagel is still part of the "Blame America First Crowd". His tenure and retreat into history can't come soon enough for those that don't blame America first.

One aside, this same Senator Hagel who extols the virtues of President Eisenhower also continues his assertion that the country "shouldn't focus on an unfeasible solution to to illegal immigration, like rounding everyone up and have them deported." Maybe the good senator should google "Operation Wetback", a program that President Eisenhower initiated to deport millions of illegal immigrants to Mexico.......Check that out Senator Hagel!

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Anonymous said...

One wonders how Senator Hagel explains the change in governments in France and Germany (and a possible return to Berlusconi in Italy) to this "anti-American" feeling in the World. Perhaps Hagel has been listening to too many Hugo Chavez speeches! Does the U.S. really need to become more "European"? Hagel thinks YES! I think the vast majority of Nebraskans say NO!

P.S. Check out today's WSJ editorial 2nd page about Barack Obama - an excellent overview of the Obama phenomenon.