Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Apology for Slavery -- PJM

When will it ever end? When is enough enough? Apparently, not yet. At the risk of being censored for criticizing a fellow Republican, I can no longer contain myself. What in the world has sent Senator Dwite Pedersen on his 'feel good' legislative folly calling for Nebraska to apologize for its role in slavery?

First of all, if you haven't read Resolution 284, it's attached for your review. Warning keep a box of tissues near and a waste basket for the potential emanations that will no doubt rapidly proceed from you body. As I read it, I felt like I had just gone through a major Act of Contrition. How could I possibly have been responsible for all these sins? God only knows what my penance will be. But what I can't figure out, is how am I responsible for these sins that date back to biblical ties? Will I need to burn my Bible since it certainly seems to have condoned slavery? As a Christian, as an American, as a Nebraskan, as a Republican is there any way I am not guilty for the crimes of somebody's ancestors (I not sure they are mine) mistreatment and enslavement of someone anywhere from thousands of years ago to a mere 140+ years ago in Nebraska?


Senator Pedersen is wasting his time and our money by introducing this resolution. It may make a bunch of liberal apologists happy--you know the ones that want to sit around with their lattes singing Kumbya who want to apologize about how we mistreat our dogs, shouldn't have dropped the bombs on Japan, should be ashamed about our country's wealth, our lack of sharing it with the rest of the world, etc, etc. They are the same folks that don't want to celebrate Columbus Day because of the disease and abuse he brought to the American Indians. By the way you might want to check out today's World-Herald editorial regarding the native Americans because they are certainly owed an apology. In fact, while my parents weren't living in Nebraska at the time of the 'slavery misdeeds or mis-thoughts' they were Irish and I'm sure that they were abused here when they first came to Nebraska. I suspect the Chinese who helped build the railroad weren't treated any better. I understand those of German ancestry weren't treated very well during WW I and WW II. How many other groups deserve an apology? In fact, can't we just all say one good ACT OF CONTRITION to expiate this guilt from our consciences once and for all?

It's interesting to note that the final part of Pedersen's resolution says, 'It is the intent of the legislature that this resolution shall not be used in, or be the basis of, any type of litigation.' DO I HEAR POTENTIAL REPARATIONS? Surely if you and I have sinned we must make atonement to the victims (even if many times removed) from the commission of our transgression.

I've rambled on enough, but let's make it clear. This is nothing more than 'feel good', liberal mentality legislation that fosters victim-hood and gives people another reason not to take responsibility for their life. It's true whether you pass legislation to apologize to blacks, reds (I apologize if I misuse the term--reparations later), yellows, Irish or whomever. With that said I'm going to ask Senator Pedersen to include a censure for J. Sterling Morton (who if you recall, last year was exposed as a slavery supporter), and make sure that ARBOR DAY is totally and completely rejected as a Nebraska State Holiday and wiped from the history as well. Maybe we could keep the holiday and just require an asterisk with a footnote that says 'Arbor Day was founded by a racist, but Nebraska has apologized for his thoughts.'


Anonymous said...

what a waste of time and paper this apology is! seemsto me that anyone who signs on to this piece oflegislation in any way, should be outta there.

Anonymous said...

How do you really fell about this? I'm with you 100% on this feel-good perpetuation of victimhood.

Instead of this resolution, he might better spend his time trying to address why Omaha now has among the poorest black childhood populations in America, and what might he and the unicameral address to help change that in the here and now.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn’t read the resolution once I saw “ancient Mesopotamia” early on.

Was there a reference in the resolution to the documentary film “10,000 BC” now running in theaters? I wasn’t around then, either, and I didn’t see the film, but it looks like some animals may have been mistreated. I feel bad about that>

Anonymous said...

Pedersen is an absolute joke. He is no Republican. Add, of course, that he voted to slap crime victims in the face by attempting to abolish our death penalty.

Anonymous said...

This is how I feel. Why should I apologize for something I didn't do? I suppose, down the road, someone will insist Nebraskans should apologize for being the home of the Enola Gay and its part in the death of thousands of Japanese during WW II. Please spare me.

Anonymous said...

If Sen. Pederson owned slaves, he should apologize for slavery. If his ancestors owned slaves, then Pederson and Obama both should apologize. --- Barack Obama has zero slave ancestors but he is directly descended from plenty of slave owners.

I had no ancestors in the USA during slavery. But I am an ethnic Slav and many academics believe so many of my Balkan ancestors were taken as slaves by ancient Rome that the word "slave" is identical with my blood ancestry.

Perhaps Senators Pederson and Obama should apologize to me.

If apologies necessarily admit responsibility, and responsibility is cause for reparations, perhaps Sens. Pederson and Obama should each send me a check.

Racism is kept alive by nitwits like Pederson.

Jim Cleary said...

Here’s my substitute resolution….

Whereas Western Civilization was the first culture ever to voluntarily abolish the world-wide and history-long practice of slavery…..

And whereas many thousands of Americans—white and black--gave their lives during the Civil War to end slavery once and for all in the United States…….

…..Be it resolved that the United States and the American people shall be praised for their high principles and great achievements in advancing civilization and individual freedom for all human beings.

Anonymous said...

The irony in such proposals is simply this: Who is apologizing for what?????? How do you know your relatives weren’t abolitionist? How do you know you are not related to John Brown, who gave his life in his quest to abolish slavery? What about William Lloyd Garrison, Thaddeus Stevens, a well known Republican in his day. Lydia M. Child, abolitionist writer, and I could go on and on. Most of all the country lost 600.000 lives in the Civil War. Both sides have paid the price for slavery; we should move on and make this country better for all of us. THERE IS NO NEED TO ASK FOR…. NOR GIVE AN APOLOGY.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, when will it ever end?? Thanks for helping some of us vent. We certainly don't have enough tax dollars to pay for all the reparations all the the inumerable ethnic groups may ask for. Time to grow up!