Thursday, February 14, 2008

Time For Senator Craig to Resign -- PJM

Yesterday the Senate Ethics Committee admonished Republican U.S. Senator Larry Craig of Idaho for his "incident" in Minneapolis last June, one to which he plead guilty (See the article at:
They also admonished him for using more than $200,000 of his campaign funds to pay for his legal defenses relative to trying to overturn his guilty plea relative to the incident. With the Senate Ethic's Committee action on this, it is time Craig resigned. He has brought disrespect on his office, his state and his party. If he wasn't guilty, he should never have plead so. When his plea became public knowledge, he said he would resign. Then he didn't. Then he tried to claim that his guilty plea should be thrown out. What is clear is that Senator Craig is not a man of his word. First he said he was guilty, then he said he wasn't. He said he would resign, then he said he wouldn't. Whether Craig committed the crime or not, he has brought more taint on the Republican party and the ethics we would like to believe our candidates stand for. It doesn't matter that he didn't drown a young girl and not report it for 12 hours (Can you say Ted Kennedy?). What matters is that our party deserves not to be associated with him and his behavior (throughout the case). Let's hope that unlike others, he does the right thing. There are others, particularly in the house who will hopefully also get the message.


Anonymous said...

I give your call for Sen. Craig a big second!! He should have resigned months ago instead of dragging the Senate and the GOP thru this!! I have a friend who has a home in Idaho and she says it's common knowledge out there that Craig is bi-sexual. So, he did tell the truth when he made his statement to the media that was "I'm not gay." Then there is the big "but" , that he didn't go on to define. I'm sure the govenor's appointment will be a much better senator for Idaho.

Anonymous said...

This is not a Republican or Democrat matter. This is a matter of deviant personal behavior which brings discredit on the Congress. Regarding the misappropriation of campaign funds….the Senator should vote to expel him for that infraction (Article 1, Section 4, U. S. Constitution). The Senator should keep in mind that we the citizens of this country have a right to expect model behavior from out elected officials. However, I realize I am dreaming….this is the same body that could not find President Clinton guilty of perjury. Hopefully at the next election, the People of Idaho will elect a new senator and send the message that the People expect more from their chosen elected “employees”.