Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCain and the Times -- PJM

A couple of days ago, our friends at the Objective Conservative (click: mentioned Thomas Sowell's article about the New York Times and its obvious bias on discussing the Iraq war (see ). Today's big story from the New York Times is about whether John McCain had an affair and unduly tried to influence a decision by the Federal Communications Commission. Taking its cue from the successes of Dan Rather, no doubt, the Times makes lots of inferences with little substance to their claims. One must wonder whether the Times itself is unduly trying to influence an election. Whether you like Mr. McCain or not, he certainly seems to stack up well against either Hillary or Obama in the fall election and he has certainly demonstrated the ability to attract independent voters (if not conservatives).

While some may suggest that the Times article is not a "smear piece", it certainly seems convenient that they bring up the "Keating Five" scandal which no doubt will be the focus of Democrat attacks come fall. While they do mention that John McCain wasn't indicted, they seem to conveniently not mention the name of fellow U.S. Senator John Glenn who like McCain was not indicted but also part of the "Keating Five". But maybe the Times has no reason to tarnish astronaut Glenn's image....

It's often been noted here and elsewhere that even conservatives need to read the Times and the Post because that is where news seems to be created daily. Once again, the Times seems to be "creating" news. See the articles:
New York Times article:
McCain's response:

One last thought, since the Times seems to be focused on special favors. Maybe the Times should be more critical of the earmark favors, and potential relationships of Senators Obama and Clinton to those who received nearly $200 million and $400 million, respectively, in earmarks from the efforts of those senators. John McCain has never requested an earmark. No doubt the Times will continue to gloss over the backgrounds of Clinton and Obama as it prepares to endorse one of them for president in November. By the way, do you remember the the Time's "non-endorsement endorsement of McCain?

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Anonymous said...

Anyone is crazy if they don’t believe it is NOT a smear campaign. By the way, what Senator or Congressman has NOT tried to influence a decision by a governmental agency in favor of someone?

I thought that Senator Glenn was a democrat?

I sincerely hope that the Republicans get behind McCain now. We can still and must push our Conservative values but we cannot afford to have a split in the Party.