Tuesday, February 12, 2008

L.A. Council and the First Amendment -- PJM

From "The Left Coast Report" today, we read that the L.A. City Council is talking about passing a "Brittany's" Law that would establish a 60 foot personal protection bubble around celebs such as Brittany. Reporters, paparazzi and others who violate the "bubble" would have all profits from their photos "confiscated' by the L.A. City Council. I personally have no interest in any of these sad celebs who for the most part are their own worst enemies. In fact, I religiously turn off Fox News when Greta's face appears as I think America has a totally unhealthy obsession with the rich and famous and Hollyweird stars as well as pretty young blondes who are kidnapped or killed. In the latter case, I frankly believe the celeb attention paid in these cases devalues the lives of thousands of other kidnapping and killing victims (not to mention the unequal treatment to their families) who happen to be less photogenic. But, I digress.

L.A.'s mere consideration of such a law should send shivers down the spine of anyone who has ever heard that this country is governed by a constitution. Can you say First Amendment? While I am sympathetic to neither the paparazzi or these Hollywierd 'stars', it's incredible that the L.A. City Council would provide special protection for special people. But after all, it is the Left Coast where the Marines aren't welcome in Berkley, where an American flag can't be displayed on a fire engine in Berkley, where R.O.T.C. and Military recruiters are not welcome in San Francisco, where San Francisco allows gay pride parades wherein all sorts of normally illegal sexual perversions are openly practiced and tolerated, where.............. My observations would indicate that perhaps a "special strangeness zone bubble" should be established in a 100 mile width running from Los Angles to San Francisco. Caution signs could be put up at the entrances to the zone saying, Only Celebrities, Weirdoes, and America Haters Allowed" For the full Left Coast Report referred to see: http://by110w.bay110.mail.live.com/mail/ReadMessageLight.aspx?Aux=1C08CA3BA6629221D0&FolderID=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001&InboxSortAscending=False&InboxSortBy=Date&ReadMessageId=b3e9bcab-5c6a-48a1-8101-6a41b2c25ce2&n=568403041

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California is due to soon crack off along the fault line and fall into the sea. But before that, global warming may raise sea levels and drown LA and SF. That will leave a dirty ring around the Pacific. We will need a lot of chlorine.