Friday, January 25, 2008

New York Times Presidental Primary Endorsements -- PJM

Some of you may have noticed I rely a good deal on articles from the Washington Post and New York Times. I do this not because I particularly agree with these folks' editorial philosophy, but rather because they tend to 'make' the daily news discussion (and sometimes we don't even see the same article in the World-Herald until three or four days later). With that said, many of you have already heard about the New York Times endorsements of Clinton and McCain. While not wanting to take shots at McCain, whom I expect will probably win the Republican nomination, I'd encourage you to read both of the endorsements by the Times if only to get a sense of how they think. Both editorials reflect their tremendous liberal bias, their belief that more government rather than personal responsibility is the solution to our nation's problems, their hate of George Bush and their hate for what we are trying to accomplish in Iraq. Once you read those endorsements you might have a better sense of why so many on the "so-called right" tend to be paranoid of not only their editorials, but also the bias that exists in the point of view of their so-call news articles. See the editorials at: McCain: Clinton:

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I got half-way through this bullshit and vomitted. Can't finish. Thanks anyway. As far as I'm concerned, New York can fall off of the face of the earth.