Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More on Immigration Enforcement at the Local Level -- PJM

Yesterday, I provided an article on how Arizona is dealing with illegal immigration and the the resulting outflow of illegals from the state. Today, I provide further evidences of my callous conservatisim by referring you to an article about how Tulsa, OK is dealing with the issue and again the outflow of illegals due to local enforcement. While my attitude is that if the federal government won't act effectively on the issue that local government should, it also occurs to me that if our local governments don't act in a similar manner we may, in effect, become sanctuary cities and states for those that are leaving Arizona, Oklahoma and other jurisdictions that are stepping up enforcement. For that reason, alone, maybe our state and local governments should consider acting. See the article:

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Anonymous said...

The enforcement of our laws is so elemental that I wonder why there is such debate. Why should an illegal have ANY rights under our laws?