Friday, January 18, 2008

Immigration and Borders - PJM

If you read the New York times today, you'd be impressed with the number of articles on immigration. One that struck me was about the poor victims of our "tough" immigration policy in Waukegan, IL, where illegals apparently live in fear of being discovered and where formerly successful businesses that catered to them are failing. While the article acknowledges the choices these folks made, and while one might suggest that it is sympathetic to their plight, it really points out (if indirectly) the problems our government has created by it's ineffectual border and immigration enforcement. What seems to be missing is the assessment that once you build your house on sand, that is, start building a life on your illegal presence (or that of a spouse, etal.), you have to expect the consequences. Fortunately, the Mayor of Waukegan makes the issue very clear in the last sentence of the article. Check out:

While you're at it you might want to check out this article about how poorly our government is doing in processing legal requests for citizenship and visas. Here is a case where I.C.E. has proven its inability to function in dealing with legals. One might be inclined to ask if it does such a poor job in this regard how much more can be expected of it when it comes to illegals?See:

After you read that, you might want to read the opinion that the New York Times has on the Republican presidential candidates views on immigration. Not exactly in accord with most of us:

Finally, if the illegal immigrant stuff isn't enough, you might want to read about the attempts to weaken (or prevent better control) Homeland Security's efforts to find out and control who is coming over our northern boarder. See:

Bottom line today: This country needs to tightly control our borders and those who come and live here. Seems like a pretty simple premise until politics and liberal get involved.

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Anonymous said...

My towel is completely soaked...all .075cm X .075cm of it!!! ha I'm so "mean-spirited", when I go thru the car wash I don't tip unless they can at least form a English phrase or complete English sentence. I'm so "bold' I actually tell them " no English, no tip" as I drive away. I assume that if their English skills are that poor ,they are here illegally, so why help them stay by supporting them even further than their employer already does!!??!! (From my "for what it's worth department") I told a new, (much older and wiser) NFRW friend I met at national convention, who is from CA this. She thought it was a great idea and was going to start doing it herself. She's fed up with what's happened to her CA. I certainly can't blame her. Look what's happened to our small towns such as Lexington and Schyuler, not to mention Grand Island etc. Which candidate is REALLY going to do much about the illegals????