Friday, January 11, 2008

Fence and/or government waste -- PJM

I happen to have strong opinions on a couple of issues. One is the need to close our boarders to illegal aliens. The other is to protect ourselves from wasteful government spending, i.e., pork and earmarks. With that said sometimes things get a little murky as we try to reconcile our opinions with reality. The attached link to an article from our friends at Taxpayers for Common Sense is illustrative of the dilemma we face. Do we have the manpower or the technology to do this and at what cost? I happen to think we should invest whatever it takes to stop illegal immigration but the dollars shouldn't be wasted. I've joked that my solution is two 100 foot walls separated by three hundred feet of landmines, but then that might not sell very well from a public relations point. Anyway, as you'll note from the article it appears that any technological solution will ensure a lot of waste. One can't help but wonder how many of those illegals would quit coming or would go home if we just had an effective ability to really screen them at the workplace and really penalize the employers who hire them. Then again, that won't stop a terrorist from coming across the boarder, will it? See:


Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered why we don’t seem to have the same problem at the northern end of our country. i.e, Canada. THIS IS ABOUT GREED………We have opted to take a chance with our security in order to secure wealth. We enslaved a race of people for the same reason……GREED.

Anonymous said...

Very good article and point of view. I cannot imagine how much cost building this ‘wall’ would be but lets just enforce our existing laws and allow employers to utilize data the government already has to verify valid SS numbers and legal status. A bio-metric id card for guest workers would also be a more cost effective solution.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea of making it illegal to provide government benefits to illegals has a little more impact. Colorado passed a law a year ago and it was largely effective. Nebraska has legislation pending, but what if it were a federal law? Why should illegals get federal benefits, other than free transportation to the nearest border?