Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Earmarks -- Republicans Deserve Criticism too!

In the spirit of bi-partisanship we continue taking well-deserved shots at earmark offenders. Yes, we are back on that again. Today we need to consider former Republican Congressman, now U.S. Senator Wicker (appointed to fill Trent Lott's seat) and his $6 million earmark to a supporter of his, now represented by his former chief of staff. Of course, the Department of Defense never asked for the earmark and apparently there are many firms working on the same project, but who cares the guy's firm is a supporter, the lobbyist is a former chief of staff and after all Mississippi needs the jobs.


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Anonymous said...

“Sympathetic To Their Plight”…… that the same thing as being sympathetic to the young minority girl that is sixteen years old and has a baby. Does not continue to go to school and the federal government is “sympathetic to their plight” so the federal government gives her an extremely generous benefits so that her baby has something to eat. Since she is not required to do anything for the state to get these benefits; she “accidentally” has another baby….still she has not returned to school so that she can have a better life for her and her baby. She now has two babies that the state is concerned about……..wouldn’t it be better to show sincere concern when she had the first baby by making her understand that there are consequences to each personal action. That’s probably notthe same… let me try again. I don’t got to school and get an education because its more fun to hang out with my other stupid friends… a consequence, I can’t get a job to support myself. So I sell drugs, steal, etc, and blame it on the world because I am a minority. So I have the answer…….I will rob some older person. Now I get caught and have to spend my “birthday” iChristmas, New Years,etc in jail. I am a minority and the world just hates me and no one likes me not even the old minority man who counseled me that my ways are wrong. Now that should entitle me to have some one to be “sympathetic to my plight”. No……..let me try again. I enter another country illegally and get caught….and complain because you intend to send me back to my home country…….oh yes…..I am “sympathetic to your plight”. GOD BLESS AMERICA.