Friday, January 18, 2008

Chuck Hagel and Blame America First -- Editor

National Pacifist and Senator, Chuck Hagel, is at it again. On Wednesday he told the world that "the United States and Russia need to work on what has become a 'brittle' relationship." Apparently the good senator thinks the U.S. needs to 'consult' Russia before we criticize it on its human rights performance and before we decide to move missiles to Poland and Czechoslovakia. Hagel further said, "I never believed that you make any progress with Russia or China or anyone else if you publicly bludgeon them, you publicly threaten them, you publicly embarrass them." Well, Senator, maybe you should re-examine President Reagan's tough stand that brought an end to communism.

Of course, for Senator Hagel, it is all the U.S.'s fault. Can't we all just get along? Senator, it's a tough world out there. There are folks that don't like us and it's not because we're the bad guys. It's because we represent freedom and strength which threaten their authoritarian control of their citizens. Stop by Paris and talk to their new president on the way home. Maybe he can enlighten you about your "blame America first mentality".


Anonymous said...

Senator Chuckie's pronouncements have gone beyond delusional!!! He'll be visiting Venezuela with Sean Penn next!!!!

Anonymous said...

Regan's stance didn't end Communism, the fact that it failed in Russia (and every other place) did. Russia killed itself. Does anyone ever think that maybe Sen. Hagel just might be a little more enlightened than the average person on foreign issues? Maybe I'm just crazy.