Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Cards -- Don't Forget the ACLU

If you haven't read the article about Barbara Walters and the President's Christmas Card (below) you should. But in the spirit of Christmas it isn't too late to wish our friends at the American Civil Liberties Union a Merry Christmas. Of course, they hate Christmas so your Christmas card (especially a religious one) in an envelope that possibly could contain a check for their "valuable" operations would make them take the time to open your card and hopefully those of thousands of others in search of a few dollars to continue their "valuable" operations. You can mail your card to them at: ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004 Come on, get in the spirit!

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Constitutionalist said...

I have another suggestion…..instead of sending Babs Walters and the ACLU Christmas cards….why not send them a copy of the Declaration of Independence which assures American citizens that their rights come not from the State but from their “Creator” and these rights are inherent with the laws of nature and of Nature’s God entitle them….etc. Also, the Constitution , Article VII, confirms that it was ratified 220 years ago on September 17, the year of our “LORD” 1787. I am confused…….Isn’t Christmas the birthday of the Lord??????