Thursday, November 29, 2007

Energy Dependence - PJM

The Senate and House may actually get together and pass an "Energy" bill in the next day or so. Of course, it has become a single-issue bill for the most part that deals with C.A.F.A. standards or the regulated miles per gallons that vehicles must achieve by 2020 or thereabouts.

The sad part about this is it is just one piece of the equation. Maybe, like immigration, all you can do is take little steps since major efforts seem to end of the victims of each side of the aisle with each disagreeing with the provisions the other side wanted. Unfortunately, even more so than immigration, the United States' dependence on foreign oil is nothing more than a ticking time bomb. None of the little steps add up to the recognition that this country's energy independence is not a matter of whether gas is $3.00 or $5.00 a gallon, but whether you'll even be able to get it. ENERGY IS A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE and it needs to be addressed just like a Manhattan Project. It is life or death to this country.

As a conservative it is hard to accept more regulations on vehilce mileage, on coal, oil and natural gas. Yet, in a concerted, realistic and defined national effort, i.e., a program to make the United States truly energy independent in 10 years, perhaps regulations are in fact part of the equation. But only so long as that equation allows drilling off our shores and in Anwar and any other place that it takes to ACHIEVE TRUE ENERGY INDEPENDENCE IN Ten years. Only so long as it includes alternative and renewal energies.

Energy is one instance where a recognition of its VITAL NATIONAL SECURITY INTEREST may justify the pain of regulation by the government and some sacrifice, economically and socially by our citizens to protect the ultimate security of our country. If, God forbid the Middle East erupts in flames and war, if crazy Hugo Chavez becomes furher unglued or if anything else blocks the free flow of oil to this country, we will all regret that we didn't use our ingenuity and good sense to avoid it. Such a crisis could precipitate a world-wide econimic depression. As China and India demand even more oil to fuel their economies we'll wish we didn't have to compete for oil, thereby driving billions of dollars a day into those who will ultimately use the dollars to kill us, to buy us and to blackmail us. See the related articles below.

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quick1 said...


Perhaps I'm too simplistic, but here's how I see it; We don't need an energy bill. We need to drill off shore and in Anwar as you so state, and we need to get going on it NOW. If we have the reserves that I understand we have, we couldn't be held hostage by our enemies and we'd have years to develop other sources of energy.

Global warming is going to happen regardless of what we do. We add so little to it that it's not worth discussing.

The fact is, I'm sickened by all the politics being played with each of the above. Why is it that we can't find true conservative leadership that is willing to tell the truth, surround him (or her)self with other believers and actually get something done?

Politicians playing politics, instead of leading, will destroy our country.

Keep up the writings, Pat. I enjoy reading them when I have time.